'Star Wars' Actors Talk About What It Was Like Working With Their Co-Stars

Hundreds of actors have had the opportunity to travel to a galaxy far, far away. Read about what these Star Wars actors had to say about working with the franchise's biggest stars

The on-screen chemistry between Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill from the first frame of the original 1977 Star Wars was obvious. The actors truly loved and respected each other, so much so Hamill even got the usually grumpy Ford to bust out a few dance moves (as long as no one else was watching).

Unfortunately, it wasn’t a lovefest for all the actors involved. Which actors didn’t speak to each other once the cameras stopped rolling? Which co-star nearly brought Ford to tears during an interview with Jimmy Fallon? And, which male Resistance fighters hoped their characters would become romantic?

  • Mark Hamill Said Frank Oz Brought Out Miss Piggy To Relieve Tension On The ‘Empire Strikes Back’ Set

    Mark Hamill needed much more than the Force to survive the backbreaking Dagobah scenes in The Empire Strikes Back. Luke Skywalker and Master Yoda (voiced and puppeteered by Frank Oz) work their way through the dark, grim bog as young Luke goes through his arduous Jedi training. 

    Hamill was having a difficult time with Dagobah's dank swamplands. Then, he heard a familiar high-pitched voice riffing off of Yoda's lines: "Feelings? You wanna know about feelings? Get behind this couch and I'll show you feelings, ya little runt."

    The squeal was coming from Miss Piggy being voiced by Oz. The perfectly placed dose of levity made Hamill laugh. 

    In 2020, Hamill tweeted, "Both Miss Piggy AND Kermit the Frog visited the Dagobah set and the entire crew couldn't have been happier!"

  • Anthony Daniels Was Annoyed Kenny Baker Wouldn’t Ever Read The Script

    Anthony Daniels Was Annoyed Kenny Baker Wouldn’t Ever Read The Script
    Photo: Star Wars: A New Hope / 20th Century Fox

    Star Wars fans have speculated over the years the actors who played often-arguing but still BFF droids C-3PO (Anthony Daniels) and R2-D2 (Kenny Baker) disliked each other in real life. During a recent interview, Daniels admitted he was annoyed when Baker wasn't prepared to act out scenes because he didn't bother to read the script. 

    "There was no acting relationship at all," said Daniels. "I did say to him... when I say such and such can you turn the head and look at me?" 

    Baker admitted to not reading the script, so he wasn't able to stage the scene with his co-star. 

    The English actor also added he and Baker "have nothing in common." The pair never spent time together after filming. 

    The negative feelings were mutual. Baker claimed in a 2019 interview Daniels "didn't get on with anyone." Baker also said Daniels belittled the nearly 4-foot actor and went on to call him "the rudest man I ever met."

  • John Boyega And Mark Hamill Tried To Get Adam Driver To Be Less Intense On Set - They Failed

    John Boyega And Mark Hamill Tried To Get Adam Driver To Be Less Intense On Set - They Failed
    Photo: Star Wars: The Last Jedi / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    The dark side was strong with Kylo Ren in The Last Jedi. Adam Driver took his role as supreme villain seriously. "There’s big personal things that I find about every character, not just in Star Wars, that you have to make as personal as possible [...] The things about that character that I find painful, that I really relate to, I kind of prefer to keep to myself," said Driver.

    Driver's co-stars John Boyega and Mark Hamill attempted to bring the ever-intense Driver to the light. Boyega tried to break down Driver's defenses with old-fashioned hugs, which weren't reciprocated. "He just stands there. He just waits for me to be done," said Boyega.

    Hamill tried to play the uncle card, recalling:

    I remember saying to Adam, "I don’t know how you work, or your technique. But, at some point, you were my nephew. I probably bounced you on my knee. I probably babysat for you. There’s that side, and now we’re both estranged from the Skywalker family. All I’m suggesting is, if you’d like, maybe we could go to lunch, we could get together and hang out."

    Driver wasn't interested in chitchatting over lunch, either.

  • Mark Hamill Said He And Harrison Ford Disco-Danced Together In His Dressing Room

    Mark Hamill Said He And Harrison Ford Disco-Danced Together In His Dressing Room
    Photo: Star Wars: A New Hope / 20th Century Fox

    Throughout his long Hollywood career, Harrison Ford garnered the reputation of being somewhat of a grumpy, even contentious individual. However, one person in the galaxy with the power of the Force was able to break through the actor's hardened outer shell. 

    Hamill and Ford became good friends while working together on the first Star Wars trilogy. The Skywalker actor contends he is the only person who can get his surly co-star to crack a smile when he is in a dour mood. 

    "He's got a wonderfully wacky sense of [humor]. I'll give you an example," reveals Hamill. "This disco song that goes, 'More, more, more, how d'ya like it, how d'ya like it,' remember that? We used to love really bad pop songs, so whenever that song would come on, I'd run and turn it on. And he'd come into my dressing room and start dancing."

    Dancing Ford was for Hamill's eyes only. "The minute somebody comes to the door, he'd stop dead and stand there. 'Yeah, okay, I'll be down to the set in a minute.' As soon as the door closes, it's, 'Get the action gain!' He'd only do it around me," added Hamill. 

    The positive feelings are mutual. “When I met Mark Hamill, I really learned how to be cool,” Ford said in a 2020 interview. “He’s just a really straightforward nice guy. He’s really a sweet guy.”

  • Frank Oz Said, ‘Yoda Works… Because Of Mark [Hamill]’

    Frank Oz Said, ‘Yoda Works… Because Of Mark [Hamill]’
    Photo: Star Wars: The Last Jedi / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    Yoda is not a CGI creation, even when he makes a surprise appearance in 2017's The Last Jedi. The Grandmaster of the Jedi Order is voiced and puppeteered by Frank Oz. However, it takes a skilled team to control all of Yoda's different body parts. 

    "It’s a four-person character. I flew back and forth to London about three times and rehearsed for a couple weeks with them. It’s a very intense rehearsal because you have four people trying to do one thing, very, very specifically. So, every single word, every single move, had to be rehearsed again and again," Oz said about preparing to film The Last Jedi

    Even with the intense rehearsal period, Yoda wouldn't be such a believable and effective character without a competent scene partner. Oz revealed:

    Mark [Hamill] is a wonderful, great, great guy. People don’t realize that a great part of the reason why Yoda works is because of Mark. It’s because if Mark doesn’t believe in that character, nobody else will. What he does there is extremely important, always has been. When we got together, it was just like old times. He never changed; he is just a wonderful guy - very funny, too.

  • Daisy Ridley Said She Got Off To A Bad Start With Harrison Ford

    Daisy Ridley Said She Got Off To A Bad Start With Harrison Ford
    Photo: Star Wars: The Force Awakens / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    Daisy Ridley and Harrison Ford first got the opportunity to work together on J.J. Abrams's 2015 installment Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Ridley revealed during a 2015 interview on The Graham Norton Show that she got off to an embarrassing start with the veteran actor: "The first time I met him I said, 'Oh my God, my mom loves you.' And he was like, 'great.'"

    She then added, "I like you, too."

    Things didn't get much better for Ridley when she mistakenly sat in the pilot seat of the Millennium Falcon. Ford gruffly told her, "That's mine."

    Ridley said the situation on set was awkward. However, she also called Ford "super cool."