Iconic Album Covers Reimagined with 'Star Wars' Characters

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These hilarious Star Wars album covers are more proof that mashup fan art is just so, so satisfying when done well. A good mashup is like a love letter from one thing you love to another. It's a combination of two totally separate worlds you probably would've never put together, but once together are really rad. It's a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

In this case we're talking about album covers reimagined with Star Wars characters. Who would have known you'd love to see you're favorite characters from a galaxy far far away all up on some of the most iconic images to grace the covers of vinyls and CDs (and cassettes) everywhere. These funny Star Wars album covers created by @TheLongPlayFace combine nostalgia for great music and nostalgia for the original Star Wars trilogy.

Who knew C-3PO and Nirvana would vibe so well? Prince and Lando? Chewie and Rage Against the Machine? Yoda and Kurt Cobain? Come check out the dark side of the that's-no-moon with these great Star Wars albums! Vote up your favorites below!