13 Things 'Star Wars' Fans Probably Don't Know About Asajj Ventress

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Asajj Ventress is easily one of the most popular female characters in the Star Wars franchise. She has a long history in the comics and cartoons, which detail her early life on Dathomir, her association with the Nightsisters, and her extended story arc with her lover, Jedi Master Quinlan Vos. Ventress has been featured throughout the Star Wars canon (and some Legends material), including numerous appearances in The Clone Wars and one unfinished arc of the series.​

That unfinished story eventually became the Dark Disciple novel, which has its own army of fans who love the character. Throughout her time in the Star Wars galaxy, Asajj Ventress has been a Jedi, she's fought alongside her partner Quinlan Vos, and she was once Count Dooku's apprentice (and would-be assassin). Despite being one of the most beloved characters in the franchise, there's a lot about Asajj Ventress that most fans (probably) don't know about one of the franchise's greatest female villains.

That's what this list is all about, as it features some of the most important facts most people don't know about the deadly Sith assassin. Her impact, purpose, place in the grand scope of galactic affairs, and everything else can be found below. Take a look, and if you learn something about Asajj Ventress you didn't already know, be sure to give it an upvote to see which item rises to the top!

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    She Nearly Fought Kylo Ren In 'Resistance'

    She Nearly Fought Kylo Ren In 'Resistance'
    Photo: Star Wars: Resistance / Disney XD

    When The Clone Wars came to an end, Asajj Ventress's fate wasn't depicted, which ultimately led to the publication of Dark Disciple. Her fate in that book wasn't always decided, and there was a time when she was planned for another Star Wars series. During the planning stages for Star Wars: Resistance, Asajj Ventress was meant to appear.

    The writers originally planned to have her go up against the First Order, seeking to keep powerful Sith artifacts from falling to the organization. Instead of going with Ventress, the series changed the character to Mika Grey, an archaeologist intent on the same mission. 

    In an interview on the Friends of the Force podcast, Brandon Auman, the head writer on Resistance, revealed the plan for Ventress and explained that she would have gone up against a particularly dangerous Sith:

    We had Mika Grey who, originally, early on, was actually Asajj Ventress in the storyline. An older version of Asajj Ventress. And that was Filoni's idea. And we were even gonna have a scene where Asajj Ventress takes on Kylo Ren. That was something we had discussed very early on. Filoni is notorious for changing his mind, and down the line, as we were progressing and the story had Asajj - I wrote the story - [Filoni] was like, "You know what, if Asajj comes in, that's all the fans are gonna care about. They're only gonna want Asajj, Asajj, Asajj, they're not gonna care about any of the other characters."

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    Ventress Died In Quinlan Vos's Arms

    Ventress Died In Quinlan Vos's Arms
    Photo: Dave Filoni / LucasFilm

    At the end of Dark Disciple, Vos planned on saving Count Dooku so he could be led to Darth Sidious. He planned to take them both out, but the plan couldn't come to fruition after the three of them crashed on Christophsis. With the Jedi on their tails, Dooku learned what Vos was planning and turned to kill him with Force lightning.

    Ventress stood in the way at the last moment, sacrificing herself to save Vos. Her sacrifice redeemed Ventress, and she perished in Vos's arms, once more affiliated with the light side of the Force. Vos and Obi-Wan Kenobi took her body back to Dathomir, where she was laid to rest alongside her lightsaber on her homeworld. Interestingly, in Legends, she passed in Obi-Wan Kenobi's arms, but that was erased in favor of Ventress's true demise in Dark Disciple.

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    Ventress And Quinlan Vos Had Romantic Feelings For Each Other

    While Asajj Ventress was training Quinlan Vos, the two became close... very close. Their training was focused on the teachings of the Sith, which embraces both attachment and strong emotions, so it's not surprising that they formed romantic feelings toward one another. After Ventress took Vos to her home planet of Dathomir, she trained him in underwater fighting, placing him in the ocean, where he had to fight against the planet's dangerous life forms.

    Their relationship grew stronger throughout this time, and they began talking about what they each planned to do once Count Dooku was dead. Vos decided to embrace his love of Ventress and not return to the Jedi Order, which was always his original plan. He committed himself to Ventress, cutting himself off from the Jedi. Ventress was planning on doing the same, but they were interrupted in moving forward with their relationship when a narrow opportunity opened to take out Count Dooku.

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    She Trained As A Jedi For 21 Years Before She Fell To The Dark Side

    The path to becoming a Jedi is different for everyone; some spend years training as a Padawan while others spend only a few months training in the swamps of Dagobah. Typically, a youngling will be brought to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, where they will train for some time before being given to a Jedi Knight as their Padawan. They then spend an indeterminate amount of time learning from their master before undertaking the Jedi Trials, which transition them into becoming a Jedi Knight.

    The process typically takes years, and that's true of Ventress. Unfortunately, because she and Narec were effectively marooned on Rattatak, she couldn't be taken to the Jedi Temple. Despite this limitation, Narec trained his new Padawan in the ways of the Force. They worked together to fight against the warlords and pirates and protect the people of Rattatak. Their fight continued for 21 years; all the while, Ventress learned to use the Force and fight with a lightsaber, but her training and time as a Jedi came to a tragic end.

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    She Began To Duel Wield After Her Jedi Master Perished

    After 21 years of training in the ways of the Force under her master, Asajj Ventress got her first peek at the dark side when Narec was slain. He died while fighting against a band of Weequay pirates after he was shot in the back. The demise of her master left Ventress orphaned once more, and this time, it was not something she could easily recover from.

    Upon seeing her master lifeless at her feet, she picked up his lightsaber and did away with the pirates who had ended his life. Without Narec guiding her on the path of the light side of the Force, Ventress found herself succumbing to her grief and anger. This event was Ventress's first step on the path to following the dark side of the Force, and she embraced her hatred in killing every pirate and warlord left on Rattatak.

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    She Took Quinlan Vos On As An Apprentice Of The Dark Side While Working Together

    As part of their plot to take down Count Dooku, Asajj Ventress trained Quinlan Vos in the dark side of the Force. This was primarily done at Ventress's urging, as she believed Vos's Jedi training, which taught him to avoid giving into anger, limited him. She insisted he wouldn't be able to take down Dooku without embracing the dark side. The two found mutual ground in the deaths of their masters, though unbeknownst to Vos, Ventress was the one who had slain his master. Regardless, the two trained for some time, and Vos learned several lessons from the dark side while retaining his adherence to the light side of the Force.

    When his training was finished, a "chance" meeting was organized during Dooku's visit to Raxus Secundus. He was being honored with the Raxian Humanitarian Award for his work with the Separatists. Ventress found him and challenged her former master to a duel. Dooku agreed, but arranged to have General Grievous and some reinforcements at the ready. Anticipating this, Vos trapped the general in his room, and both he and Ventress challenged Dooku.

    The lightsaber duel proved Dooku's proficiency with a blade. He quickly overpowered his assailants, and Vos was taken captive while Ventress escaped. Dooku took Vos back to his homeworld of Serenno, where he tortured him for a long time. Dooku proved to Vos that Ventress was the one who had slain his former master, Tholme, and after some time, Vos succumbed to the dark side of the Force. Ventress attempted to free him, but he was already too far gone, having become Dooku's newest Sith apprentice. Despite this, Vos's plan was to get Dooku and Darth Sidious in a room so that he could kill them both.

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