13 Things 'Star Wars' Fans (Probably) Don't Know About Bo-Katan Kryze

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Of all the amazing women in the Star Wars galaxy, Bo-Katan Kryze is easily one of the most popular. There's a good reason for that, and it has to do with the simple fact that she's one of the most driven and passionate characters in the franchise. She was first introduced on The Clone Wars and continued making significant appearances on Rebels and The Mandalorian. Throughout her appearances in the franchise, she's proven herself to be a cunning warrior, a stoic leader, and a staunch supporter of her native Mandalore.

Like many before her, she's been the leader of Mandalore, and she once wielded the Darksaber. That makes her the rightful leader of her people, and it's something that drives her long after the Empire's defeat. Of course, like any character introduced in an animated series, there's plenty about Bo-Katan Kryze that fans don't know about her. After all, not every fan of the films can sit down and binge hundreds of hours of television, leaving many wondering who she is.

That's what this list is all about, as it features some of the most important facts most people don't know about the powerful Mandalorian. Her impact, purpose, place in the grand scope of galactic affairs, and everything else can be found below. Take a look, and if you learn something about Bo-Katan Kryze you didn't already know, be sure to give it an upvote to see which item rises to the top!

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    She Is Voiced By Katee Sackhoff, Who Also Portrays Her In Live-Action

    When Bo-Katan first appeared on The Mandalorian, fans around the world celebrated at finally seeing one of their favorite characters appear in live-action for the first time. She was easily recognized due to her unique armor, and the fan service didn't end there. As soon as she took off her helmet to reveal the actor underneath, many fans cheered.

    That's because the actor underneath the armor is none other than Katee Sackhoff, who also voiced Bo-Katan on The Clone Wars. It's incredibly rare for a voice-over actor to play their animated characters in live-action, but if anyone could do it, it was Sackhoff.

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    She Might Be The Last Surviving Member Of The House Of Kryze

    For most of its history, Mandalore was broken up into large clans or houses that were built around powerful families. Each of these houses led various regions of the Mandalorian system, and they were very active in Mandalorian society. Some houses were more powerful than others, and that's certainly true of House Kryze, which was one of the most powerful houses of Mandalore for much of the planet's history.

    Leading up to and through most of the Clone Wars, House Kryze sat at the top of the political power structure as Satine Kyrze ran the planet. Eventually, the house's power faded when Satine was forced out of power, leading to a massive power loss for the house. Satine met her end by Darth Maul's hand, leaving only Bo-Katan and her nephew, Korkie, as the only surviving members of the House Kryze. After she regained control over the planet, her house was in complete disarray, and years later, she believes herself to be the last Kryze alive, as Korkie has been MIA since his brief appearance on The Clone Wars.

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    She Became The Leader Of The Nite Owls

    When Bo-Katan turned against her family to join Death Watch, she was made a lieutenant in the organization. She operated as Pre Vizsla's right-hand woman, and she didn't do it alone. In her position as his lieutenant, Bo-Katan was given the ability to run her own ops, and she did so as the commander of the Nite Owls.

    The members of the Nite Owls were completely devoted to their leader, and when Bo-Katan had to leave Death Watch after Darth Maul took over, her people went with her. They even tried to help Bo-Katan free her sister, Satine, despite spending years opposing her and the pacifist government she led.

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    She Wasn't Originally Intended To Appear When She Did

    Bo-Katan is arguably one of the most popular characters introduced on The Clone Wars animated series. Still, if things had gone as they were originally planned, her popularity might never have surfaced. Bo-Katan first appeared in "A Friend in Need," but she wasn't included in the script and wasn't initially intended for the episode at all.

    When she does appear, it's as a minor character - very different from the person she ultimately became. The reason for the change was the series creator, Dave Filoni, who changed things in the episode's production. He had plans for her in the series' fifth season, so he shoehorned the character into the story, and from there, she became one of the most popular characters in the franchise.

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    Her Sister, Satine, Was The Duchess Of Mandalore Before Her Demise

    Though she's known mostly as Bo-Katan, she comes from House Kryze, which was considered to be one of the great houses of Mandalore for hundreds of years. Bo-Katan's sister, Satine, was the Duchess of Mandalore during the time of the Clone Wars and led the New Mandalorians. Satine and the New Mandalorians were pacifists who spent a considerable amount of time trying to keep Mandalore out of the Clone Wars, but this created several problems for the traditional Mandalorians who craved conflict, and several attempts were made on her life.

    As a result, she fell under the protection of the Jedi and formed a close relationship with Obi-Wan Kenobi. Satine's pacifist stance made her the primary target of Death Watch, which eventually came under the command of Sith Lord Maul. Under his leadership, Pre Vizsla and his forces stormed Mandalore's capital, where they deposed and arrested the Duchess. Eventually, Bo-Katan managed to free her sister from prison, leading to a reconciliation. Soon after, Satine was murdered by Maul in front of Kenobi, and with her death, the time of Mandalorian peace and pacifism came to a bloody conclusion.

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    Bo-Katan’s Name Has A Funny Origin

    Star Wars is filled with strangely named characters, many of whom have monikers taken from weird sources. Chewbacca, for example, is taken from the Russian word Sobaka, which means "dog," so it's no wonder he was Han's best friend. Similarly, R2-D2 got his name from a reel used in American Graffiti, so it's safe to say that the many names of Star Wars characters come from unusual places, and Bo-Katan Kyrze is no exception.

    Dave Filoni came up with the character, and she was first introduced as a minor character in the fourth season episode "A Friend in Need." Filoni came up with her name as a nod to his wife's cat. The cat was called "boogie," which inspired Filoni to come up with Bo-Katan as a sort of mishmash of "boogie-cat-Anne," which includes his wife's name, E. Anne Convery. So, Bo-Katan's name is an homage to Dave Filoni's wife and the name of her cat.

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