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The 20 Most Unforgettable Last Words Of 'Star Wars' Characters

8 Apr 2020 14.8k votes 1.4k voters 59.5k views20 items

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One of the most difficult things to do in fiction is to give a great character a truly memorable last line. Whatever dialogue they utter as they leave the screen forever, it has to be poignant and relevant to both the character and the situation in which they find themselves. It's not easy, and most final utterances are delivered without much gravitas.

Then, there's the Star Wars film franchise, which features some of the most quotable dialogue in all of film history. In addition to some often-uttered catchphrases like, "May the Force be with you" and others, some of the characters' last words stand as quotable while being some of the saddest and most memorable.

This list compiles all the greatest final lines of some of the most important characters in the franchise. Find the one you like best, and don't forget to vote it up and hopefully see it rise to the top!

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