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14 'Star Wars' Characters Who Could Have Been So Much More

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That galaxy far, far away is absolutely teeming with Star Wars characters that deserve more screen time than they were given. While the saga sometimes seems like the entire universe centers around a handful of Jedi that primarily hang out on Tatooine, it's so much more than that. There are plenty of characters whose actions played a critical role in saving the galaxy but weren't named Skywalker, so they didn't receive the spin-offs they deserved

There are so many Star Wars characters that could be main characters in a great story, but there just aren't enough films to go around. That's part of what makes the series so great. Every Star Wars character actually feels like they have lived an adventurous life. Even the smallest side characters get enough detail to make viewers wonder what they were doing when the cameras turned off, and the best of those side characters could easily lead franchises or films in their own right.