'Star Wars' Fan Share The Creepiest Lore From A Galaxy Far, Far Away

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The Star Wars universe isn't all good vs. evil, heroes and villains battling it out. There are much darker corners of that galaxy far, far away that might shock you - or just creep you out. These Redditors shared their most bone-chilling lore bits.

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    The Empire Created A Zombie Virus

    From Redditor u/Eduardo_M:

    In the EU, the Empire was conducting experiments and accidentally created a zombie virus that spread through a Star Destroyer and was never cured.

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    A Battle Droid Named Mister Bones Roams The Galaxy Humming Music While Killing

    From Redditor u/Mr_Monkey_BRM:

    There's a reprogrammed battle droid named Mister Bones that sings while he murders people.

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    A Worm Parasite On Geonosis Turns People Into Shambling Husks

    From a former Redditor:

    There is a worm-parasite on Geonosis that infects people and makes them zombies.

    Another Geonosis fact is that during the rise of the Empire, the Empire conducted a Geonosian genocide and only one Geonosian survived. He has a Geonosian queen egg, so it's sort of assumed they will make a comeback.

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    A Group Of Celestials Keeps A Sludge-Like Entity From Devouring All Worlds In The Galaxy

    From Redditor u/SpinoZoo174:

    An ancient race called the Celestials blocked off the Unknown Regions because of this sludge thing called Mnggal-Mnggal that devoured entire worlds and made zombies.

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    A Sith Lord Once Trapped The Consciousness Of A Night Sister In His Own Head

    From Redditor u/TheMastersSkywalker:

    According to one of the short stories in [Dark Legends], there is a Sithlord who traps the consciousness of a Night Sister in his mind, and now she kind of lives trapped in back of his head.

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    Grand Admiral Thrawn Owns Grevious's Head

    From Redditor u/ekimelrico:

    In Star Wars Galaxies, General Grevious's body was recovered by the Empire and rebuilt as a prototype assassin droid. It was destroyed, and the face plate was purchased by an Imperial admiral and added to his art collection.

    Thrawn owned Grevious's face in the old EU.