Fans Are Sharing Obscure 'Star Wars' Lore About Droids

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The droids found in the Star Wars galaxy often play more important roles in the narrative than the Jedi or Sith. Given that there so many types and characters, much of their history and lore remains unknown to casual fans that have just seen the movies. Take a gander down below and check out some of the most interesting and obscure lore fans have pointed out about droids in the Star Wars galaxy!

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    IG-88 Had Plans To Wipe Out Organic Life So Droids Could Take Over

    From Redditor u/OffenderDefender:

    [In Legends], IG-88 made multiple replicas of themself and devised a plan to destroy all organics, allowing droids to take over the [galaxy]. After replacing a number of stormtroopers aboard the second Death Star with droid replicas, they were able to insert their personality matrix into the computer core of the station, effectively taking control of it. However, this was only moments before the Rebel attack that ultimately destroyed the station.

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    General Grievous's Body Was Repurposed As An Assassin Droid After His Death

    From Redditor u/ekimelrico:

    In Star Wars Galaxies, General Grevious's body was recovered by the empire and rebuilt as a prototype assassin droid. It was destroyed and the face plate was purchased by an Imperial admiral [Grand Admiral Thrawn] and added to his art collection.

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    The Astromech Droid That Uncle Owen Originally Tried To Purchase Sacrificed Him Self For R2-D2's Mission

    From Redditor u/CombineOverNerd:

    In the original EU, the red astromech droid blew up his own motivator to have R2-D2 picked instead, since he was Force sensitive and could sense that R2 teaming up with Luke was important.

    This was later canonized in the one-off story "The Red One" from the anthology compilation, Star Wars: From A Certain Point of View.

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    Some 'Star Wars' Stories Are Told From The Perspective Of Droids

    From Redditor u/Lunndonbridge:

    At the end of the original trilogy a new faction rises called the Droid Gottra, [a group of sentiant droids that supported droid rights and included a band of lethal and repurposed battle droids with grievances against the Galactic Empire]... [they] could become a significant threat to [human] dominance of the galaxy and a more realistic forceless enemy than the Yuuzhan Vong ever was [in Legends].

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    In Legends, IG-88 Had Full Control Of The Death Star In 'Return of the Jedi'

    From Redditor u/UnfairBanana:

    [In Legends], IG-88 has full control over the Death Star's laser during the battle in [Return of the Jedi], and was ready to turn it on the Empire’s ships had it not been destroyed by Lando.

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    IG-88 Was One Of Five Identical Assassin Droids

    From Redditor u/BigBearShow:

    IG-88 was actually 1 of [5] identical assassin droids. The one we see on screen is presumably IG-88B. IG-88C or D is, presumably, seen dead in the Bespin recycling room where Chewbacca found C3-PO.