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13 Key Moments In The Star Wars Universe That Happened Before The Films

The Star Wars movies often hint at major happenings that occurred a long time ago in that galaxy far, far away. In fact, there are a lot of important events that play out before and between the Star Wars films that fill in the gaps of the narrative.

For example, one of the major complaints about the prequels was that Anakin’s fall progressed far too quickly and wasn’t developed properly. This is remedied in the animated series The Clone Wars, where we learn that Anakin had his own Padawan, one he cared for deeply and who was unfairly cast out by the Jedi.

At a cursory glance, Anakin’s story might seem like a unique one, but if you dip into the Star Wars Expanded Universe you’ll learn that Anakin was not the first Jedi to fall. The history of the Jedi is riddled with Force-users who have been tempted to the Dark Side.

Whether your interests lie with the Jedi, the rise of the Rebellion, or the cruel acts of the Sith Empire, the games, shows, and books within the Star Wars shared universe depict some of the most important and interesting Star Wars events before A New Hope.