13 Things 'Star Wars' Fans Probably Don't Know About Women In The Rebel Alliance

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The Star Wars franchise is filled with more characters than pretty much any other IP, and while that was partly done to sell toys, that doesn't mean each character isn't important. The female characters in the franchise have long been pointed towards whenever someone suggests there aren't any strong female characters in science fiction. That's a load of bunk, especially if you know anything about Leia Organa, Mon Mothma, Ahsoka Tano, or any of the plethora of independent and powerful women found throughout the Star Wars franchise.

While there are some excellent examples of women in other groups, the women of the Rebel Alliance are easily some of the most fascinating out there. Princess Leia may take center stage on that front, but there's also General Syndulla, Sabine Wren, and a host of others fans have loved for decades. Still, there are a lot of great female characters, and it's impossible to know everything about them.

There are plenty of things you didn't know about women in the Rebel Alliance, and this list aims to solve that problem. Check out the items below detailing some of the more interesting details about the women of the Rebel Alliance, and be sure to upvote your favorites before you head out to binge-watch as much Star Wars as is humanly possible!

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    Princess Leia Was 16 The First Time She Rebelled Against The Empire

    Princess Leia Was 16 The First Time She Rebelled Against The Empire
    Photo: Star Wars: Rebels / Disney XD

    Not long after her Day of Demand, Leia found a Rebellion. One of her trials was to represent her home planet of Alderaan at the Apprentice Legislature. Through her connections there, she got a taste of the Rebellion growing throughout the Empire. Following an attack on Calderos, Leia traveled to Crait as part of her investigation into the attack.

    She was quickly detained by insurgents upon arrival, but when she identified herself as the princess of Alderaan, she was taken to a campsite. There, she was shocked to see her father, Senator Bail Organa, operating a Rebel base. Learning that her father was involved in the Rebellion threw the young princess, but she erased all data of their interaction and continued to support him.

    Not long after, she learned that her parents were building a fleet in orbit of the planet Paucris Major. She swore an oath of secrecy before her father, which came in handy when a later meeting with Grand Moff Tarkin revealed that the Empire was aware of the Rebel fleet. She got her first taste of the Rebellion when she launched a mission to warn the Rebels on the planet. They managed to escape and destroy the base before the Empire arrived.

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    Mon Mothma Became The First Chancellor Of The New Republic Senate

    Mon Mothma Became The First Chancellor Of The New Republic Senate
    Photo: Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi / 20th Century Fox

    Mon Mothma was instrumental in developing the Rebel Alliance from a small number of disparate bands into a full-fledged military and civil government capable of taking on the Empire. Granted, it took a lot of time, work, and luck to make that possible, but the Rebels recognized Mon Mothma for her role. During the Galactic Civil War, Mon Mothma led the Rebel Alliance, and she would continue in that role (somewhat) following the Alliance's victory over the Empire at the Battle of Jakku.

    When the second Death Star was destroyed at the Battle of Endor, the Empire didn't fade into obscurity. Thanks to the Emperor's plans, Operation Cinder was launched to take revenge on the planets that supported dissent. Throughout this time, Mon Mothma led the newly formed New Republic's Galactic Senate on Chandrila. She was elected to this position, which gave her supreme power over the New Republic. Unlike the Emperor who came before her, she relinquished her powers, reduced the size of the New Republic Defense Fleet by 90%, and stepped down from her position.

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    Sabine Wren Built Beskar Destroying Tech For The Empire

    Sabine Wren Built Beskar Destroying Tech For The Empire
    Photo: Star Wars: Rebels / Disney XD

    Sabine Wren was once a cadet at the Imperial Academy of Mandalore before she decided to leave the Empire and join the early Rebellion by joining the crew of the Ghost. Before she left, she used her impressive engineering skills to build an Arc Pulse Generator she nicknamed the "Duchess." The weapon worked by initiating a reaction in Beskar, resulting in the incineration of anything it touched.

    Because Mandalorian armor is made of the durable metal, the other Mandalorians considered her device an abomination, as it turned the thing that made Mandalorians special against them. When she realized the danger her weapon posed to her people, she destroyed it, but the Empire managed to build another Arc Pulse Generator based on her research.

    Eventually, Wren returned to Mandalore, and when she found that her weapon was being used to oppress her people, she joined a mission to destroy it and erase the blueprints from the Empire's archive. Wren wound up being captured, but when she was forced to strengthen the Arc Pulse Generator, she reprogrammed it instead. The change made it work against stormtrooper armor, so when it was turned on, the stormtroopers were incinerated. After this, the weapon was destroyed alongside the plans, leaving the Empire without its Arc Pulse Generator.

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    Jyn Erso Worked With Saw Gerrera For Eight Years Before She Was Abandoned

    When she was 8 years old, Jyn Erso witnessed her mother's murder and the abduction of her father by Orson Krennic and a contingent of death troopers. She then hid inside the family's hideout, which is where Saw Gerrera later found her. From that point on, Gerrera raised her as if she were his own daughter. That included training her to become an insurgent fighter like the ones he led. During this period, Gerrera told his partisan fighters that Jyn was, in fact, his daughter, and he tried to shield her from the reality of what he and his group were doing.

    Gerrera continued to mentor and care for Jyn, taking her on dangerous missions and teaching her how to fight against the Galactic Empire. She eventually went on missions by herself as an assassin, but she always seemed to get out of pulling the trigger. By the time she was 16, Jyn had witnessed the realities of fighting for an insurgency. On a mission that ultimately went sideways, Gerrera handed her a blaster and told her to hide before abandoning her on Tamyse Prime. This left Jyn very distrustful of others, as Gerrera became the second "father" to abandon her.

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    After The Destruction Of The Death Star, The Empire Placed A 10 Million Credit Bounty On Leia Organa's Head

    The Empire suffered a crippling defeat when the Rebel Alliance managed to destroy the Death Star. The loss of military capital coupled with around 1.5 million deaths certainly took a toll, but the Empire was hardly defeated. It still had fleets of ships, millions of personnel, and bases all over the galaxy. The elements of the Empire that survived were more than a little angry over the loss.

    It was well-known at this point that Leia was a full-blown member of the Rebel Alliance. After all, she was the prime suspect for transmitting the stolen Death Star plans, so she shot to the very top of the Empire's most wanted list. On top of that, the Empire began hunting down all the survivors of the destruction of Alderaan (people who were off-world when it was destroyed), and this hit Leia pretty hard.

    She had a 10 million credit bounty on her head, making her something of a prisoner of the Rebellion. Nobody in the Rebel Alliance was willing to let Leia leave the Yavin system without a full military escort, making it harder for her to help the remaining Alderaanian people. Still, she managed to get off-world to help her people, and there was no way she was going to let a little thing like a bounty keep her from doing the work she wanted to do!

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    Shara Bey Was Recruited To Lead Starlight Squadron After The Battle Of Hoth

    Shara Bey is one of the most important characters that fans who have only seen the movies probably don't know anything about. She was a pilot who fought during the Galactic Civil War, and she was exceptional. She was also a closely trusted ally of Luke Skywalker and many more Rebel pilots and commanders. Bey is also the mother of one Poe Dameron, who is easily one of the most gifted pilots in the Star Wars franchise, but that's a story for another list!

    Three years after the Battle of Yavin, Bey was recruited to lead Starlight Squadron, becoming Starlight Leader. Her task was to take the squadron and locate the scattered divisions of the Rebel Alliance following the Rebel evacuation at the Battle of Hoth. Her primary mission was to warn the survivors that the Empire had compromised Alliance comms, and she was to deliver a new code created by C-3PO and a team of experts. 

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