15 Things You Probably Didn't Know About The First Order

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If you've sat down to watch the Star Wars sequel trilogy, you probably have more than a few questions about the First Order. The movies don't really go into its history, leaving fans asking, "Where did the First Order come from?" On top of that, there was almost no information about Supreme Leader Snoke outside of the brief glimpse of his body resting in some sort of clone vat on Exegol in The Rise of Skywalker, proving the First Order was but one aspect of the Emperor's galactic machinations.​​​​​​

The First Order had the look and feel of the Empire while remaining on the outside of galactic operations, and while the movies don't go into great detail, they're not the only source of info about the First Order. There are numerous comic book series, video games, tie-in novels, and more that tie the First Order into the broader scope of the Star Wars universe, showing how it came to replace the much larger, less deadly Empire.

Despite Star Wars being one of the most exciting and impressive franchises of all time, there's still a lot the general fan base doesn't know about the First Order. This list takes a look at the lore from as many sources as possible to uncover the things you didn't know about the First Order. Check them out below, and be sure to upvote anything you didn't already know about Star Wars' follow-up to the Empire.


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    Starkiller Base Began Construction During The Empire’s Height

    The First Order rose in the Outer Rim while the New Galactic Republic cleaned up the mess the Empire left behind. While it was building its strength, the First Order started construction on Starkiller Base, but the project actually predates the First Order. In fact, the seeds of Starkiller Base were planted the Empire was at the height of its power.

    During the height of the Empire, the planet Ilum was mined for its Kyber crystals, which were used for the Death Star's superlaser. The planet was rich with crystals, so the Empire mined it as much as possible. The mining resulted in a wide equatorial trench, which ultimately proved useful in creating Starkiller Base

    Rumors of the planet's existence remained following the fall of the Empire, and the First Order searched for it for decades. When it finally found Ilum, the First Order established a base and began converting the planet into the superweapon that would be called "Starkiller Base."

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    Members Of The New Republic Senate Seceded To The First Order

    Despite the atrocities committed by the Empire, there were numerous people and planets that remained loyal to the Emperor long after his demise. The First Order capitalized on this by embracing those who sought to join its ranks, including many prominent Centrist senators. These representatives paid close attention to the events happening across the galaxy, many of which were orchestrated by the First Order, and found that the New Republic was incapable of handling them.

    As a result, a large group of Centrist senators put forth a motion to formally secede from the New Republic so their represented systems could join the First Order. This occurred in 29 ABY (After the Battle of Yavin), and it became an essential step in building the First Order from a minor annoyance into a significant threat. This event initiated a so-called "Cold War" between the New Republic and the First Order. In reality, the conflict became hotter over time as minor skirmishes developed into full-blown attacks. Ultimately, the Cold War ended abruptly when the First Order used Starkiller Base to destroy the New Republic government.

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    A Young Armitage Hux Trained Orphaned Children To Become First Order Stormtroopers

    When Rae Sloane headed to the Unknown Regions aboard the Imperialis, she was accompanied by Brendol Hux and his son, Armitage. Also along for the ride were two dozen Jakku orphans Hux recruited/conscripted as child soldiers. The young soldiers were all in their teenage years, and they were trained as assassins by Commandant Brendol Hux before the Battle of Jakku. When the battle ended and the Imperial remnants sought refuge in the Unknown Regions, they were able and deadly killers.

    He placed his son in charge of their training and command - an honor the young Armitage took seriously. After the group joined the Emperor's flagship Eclipse, Hux worked hard to continue training the child soldiers his father had assigned to him. He modeled their training on his father's techniques, turning them into the First Order's initial squad of stormtroopers. As the First Order grew, it continued to take young children, mostly orphans, and train them as stormtroopers for the cause.

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    The First Order Spawned From Palpatine’s Contingency

    Emperor Palpatine was a man who knew how to make a plan work through the careful manipulation of events over a long period of time. That's how he managed to destroy the Jedi Order and bring about the Galactic Empire, but that wasn't his endgame. Palpatine wanted to maintain power, but he sought a true Sith Empire, like those that existed long before the Galactic Republic. To this end, he created a contingency should anything happen to him, and that plan resulted in the First Order.

    The Contingency was a plan prepared by Palpatine in the event of his demise. He believed that the Empire should ultimately be destroyed should it fail to protect its Emperor, so he tasked his protege, Gallius Rax, with seeing the Contingency come to fruition. The plan ensured the weakest parts of the Empire would be destroyed, with the strongest elements relocating to the Unknown Regions. There, it would grow and ultimately become the First Order.

    Other aspects of the Contingency included the destruction of Jakku and Operation Cinder, which aimed to orbitally bombard systems to punish the former Imperial citizens. Rax was slain before he could destroy Jakku, but he managed to compel Rae Sloane to head to the Unknown Regions to regroup and begin building the Empire's replacement.

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    Snoke Rose To The Rank Of Supreme Leader Thanks To His Knowledge Of The Unknown Regions

    The sequel trilogy didn't give much detail about who Supreme Leader Snoke was or where he came from. All the questions and theories about the man were quashed when he was seen floating in a clone vat on Exegol, but thankfully, there's more to learn about him in the comics and other related material. Snoke may have been a strandcast based on Darth Sidious's genetic code, but he nonetheless had a place in the galaxy.

    Snoke was created by the newly resurrected Darth Sidious so he could have a proxy representing his interests in the galaxy. Snoke's masterful control of the dark side of the Force made him a powerful being in the Unknown Regions, which he knew well. He recruited and trained a young Ben Solo, eventually transforming him into Kylo Ren. These were the plans of Sidious, though they were all executed by Snoke.

    Because of his immense power and knowledge, Snoke managed to take over the First Order to become its Supreme Leader. Nobody in the organization could have stopped him, given his immense power and dark side affinity, so it was something of a foregone conclusion that he would take the reigns. This was all part of Sidious's plans to ultimately leave Exegol and once more take over the galaxy.

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    The First Order's Growth Came From The Outer Rim

    When the Imperial remnant made its way to the Unknown Regions, it didn't remain there forever. As it grew into the First Order, it spread from the Unknown Regions into the Outer Rim, which was loosely patrolled and governed by the New Republic. This left those systems at the mercy of the First Order, and the organization didn't hesitate to exploit the systems for children (to turn into stormtroopers), resources, and supplies.

    Because of this, the First Order may have begun in the Unknown Regions, but it owes its growth to the Outer Rim. At the same time, the First Order colonized sectors of the Outer Rim that were largely unexplored by the Republic, Empire, or the New Republic. Still, the New Republic was aware of what was going on, but it was agreed by the majority of politicians that the threat was minimal, so the First Order was left to its own devices.