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Star Wars Episode VII is out in theaters and breaking records across the world, but the one thing it isn’t doing is filling in all the gaps from the 30 or so years that passed between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. As savvy movie goers, we know that not everything is going to be explained in the first of three new Star Wars films, but some of the Star Wars The Force Awakens setups are too big to not discuss. Like, who are Rey’s parents? And what’s up with Luke? Did he retire? Is there a Jedi 401K? You’ll find these questions and more on this very curious list of Star Wars The Force Awakens unanswered questions.

With a (mostly) brand new cast of characters popping up in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, there are also a slew of mysterious backstories to wade through, and questions that may or may not be answered in Episodes XIII and IX. We wouldn’t be so worried about whether or not our questions would be answered if J.J. Abrams didn’t also make Lost, which answered like, none of the questions. Some of the questions on this list are definitely going to be answered in the following films, but we’re worried that a few things (like the construction of Starkiller base) might go unanswered forever. Although, we’ll take a few unanswered questions if it means we get three more awesome Star Wars films.

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Who Are Rey's Parents?

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This is probably the biggest question on everyone's mind. Is she Luke's daughter? That would explain her mega Force powers. But seeing as how this is Star Wars and they love doing the whole two kid thing (see the expanded universe for proof of this), she could also be another one of Han and Leia's kids that he doesn't know about. Or maybe she's the daughter of Yoda's ghost. PROVE US WRONG!
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What Happened Between Luke and Kylo Ren?

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During the flashback sequence in The Force Awakens we get a little bit of backstory about Luke and Kylo Ren, but it's hardly comprehensive, and it asks more questions than it answers. We're not asking for a prequel trilogy about a young Ren being trained by Luke, but a little more exposition would be nice. It's possible that Luke "had a bad feeling" about Ren and refused to teach him any of that dark force magic.
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How Did Supreme Leader Snoke Rise to Power?

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If you think about it, Snoke didn't have a heck of a lot of time to make himself Supreme Leader (whatever that means!). Did he work his way up through the Empire? Is he a character that we've already met in the original trilogy or even the prequels? Or is he an all new villain?
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Why Did Maz Kanata Have Luke's Lightsaber?

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Most of the chatter about The Force Awakens before the film was released concerned the fate of Luke's lightsaber, and the most interesting thing is that so much of the film WAS about his weapon, but not the way we thought it would be. How did the weapon make its way to Maz's place, and how did she know what Rey saw when she touched it?