'Star Wars' Fans Reveal Obscure Lore About The Hutts

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The Hutts are one of the most peculiar and interesting races in the Star Wars galaxy yet there is much that goes unexplored about them aside from the famous and feared Jabba the Hutt. Like other species in the canon, Hutts have a detailed history and fans have been pointing out the most interesting lore tidbits about the galaxy's most feared mobsters.

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    A Hutt Jedi Existed In The Old Republic

    From Redditor u/khalabrakis:

    Beldorian the Hutt was a Jedi Knight of the Old Republic in EU. He was RIDICULOUSLY powerful and fast, having a huge advantage over pretty much any opponent, even Wookies. He was heavily muscled and used his tail as a crushing whip.

    Let's just say you'd rather make Chewy angry rather than someone like Beldorian.

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    Blotus The Hutt Once Served As Supreme Chancellor

    From Redditor u/IUsedToBeRasAlGhul:

    There’s also Blotus, who served as a Supreme Chancellor and fondly remembered for defying stereotypes of his species and his political actions.

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    Hutts Used To Be Much Faster And Stronger

    From Redditor u/big_boi_aang:

    Hutts are known to have been very agile and strong fighters and have had influence in the galaxy a while before the Old Republic was established. The Hutts in the movies and series today are gang lords though, they don't need to be agile and move a lot so they grew fat and lazy. Still pretty strong though.

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    Hutts Are Tailor-Made And Trained From An Early Age For Politics And Intrigue

    From a former Redditor:

    Hutts like Jabba are the exception rather than the rule. For every Hutt that is massive and immobile, there are hundreds of younger, smaller Hutts that are still capable of moving under their own power and in a galaxy where technology like repulsorlifts are old, cheap, and widespread, it doesn't take much to equal more fleet-footed species in things like speed and agility.

    But the big reason the Hutts were able to have their empire? They're suited to empire building, whether that empire is in the traditional sense or in the criminal sense. Hutts live, on average, about a thousand years. They're definitely on the higher-end of the lifespan spectrum compared to many other species of the galaxy, so they can afford to be patient or scheming when dealing with rivals (or can, quite simply, just wait out their rivals' death if those rivals are of another race). They also have incredibly thick skin, literally, which lets them shrug off things like blaster bolts and corrosive environments. They're also capable of regenerating body parts. They're also resistant to Jedi tricks and have a society/civilization that is geared towards the education of their young in power grabbing, scheming, and economic expansion. In short, they're tailor made to survive the rigors of politics and backstabbing inherent in affairs both galactic and criminal, hence their position as such today.

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    Hutts Evolved From Sandworms

    From Redditor u/Hurgablurg:

    In canon, Hutts used to basically be Sandworms with arms.

    Snake-slug things with immense strength and intelligence, able to dominate entire 'primitive' societies with their mere presence.

    Niima is the closest thing to the old, pre-luxury Hutts, with a worm-like body, a cult of feral slaves catering to her whims, with the strength to heft and topple a Lambda-class shuttle, and possessing the intelligence and presence to basically OWN Jakku before her death. And yet, she's still just a degenerative inbred of the recent generations.

    It would be pretty easy for such powerful creatures to create fantastical reputations and empires, and it was probably even easier for them to get into crime. Look at how easy it was for Maul and Savage to build a criminal empire just by asserting their dominance. A Hutt could easily intimidate for blackmail, barter for illegal goods, take slaves, and all the other nasty criminal stuff.


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    The Boonta Eve Classic In 'Phantom Menace' Honors A Great Hutt General

    From Redditor u/McGillis_is_a_Char:

    The race that Anakin was in during Episode I was named the Boonta Eve Classic. Boonta Eve was named after the great Hutt General Boonta, whose armies annihilated the powerful regional warlord Xim the Despot.

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