'Star Wars' Fans Are Pointing Out Obscure Lore About Jabba The Hutt And His Palace

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Jabba's Palace is the true wretched hive of scum and villainy that Obi-Wan talks about in A New Hope, but a place like that is bound to have a few unique characters and stories. These Star Wars fans are pointing out the most interesting and obscure lore bits about the ruling Hutt and the palace he called home.

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    Jabba Tricked The Gamorreans Into Guarding His Palace

    From Redditor u/Cambot1138:

    In the old tales from Jabba's Palace book, there's a story of how Jabba got the Gamorreans to fight for him:

    The Gamorreans wouldn't fight for Jabba unless he could beat them all up. Jabba told them that Hutt's and their enemies traditionally fight blindfolded. So the Gamorreans all put on blindfolds, Jabba's other henchmen swarmed in and whooped their a**es, and then they all swore loyalty to Jabba in awe.

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    Jabba Comes From A Long Line Of Hutts Ruling Tatooine

    From Redditor u/McGillis_is_a_Char:

    Ancient Hutts (like 20,000+ years BBY ancient) were great warriors, and even greater generals. When it came to directing armies in those bygone times Hutts were some of the greatest. The race that Anakin was in during Episode I was named the Boonta Eve Classic. Boonta Eve was named after the great Hutt general Boonta, whose armies annihilated the powerful regional warlord Xim the Despot.

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    Jabba Was Much Weaker Than Other Hutts

    From Redditor u/McGillis_is_a_Char:

    A modern Hutt may not have a blistering land speed, but many of them are still strong enough to snap a humanoid in half with their bare hands. Jabba was of less than average strength because he was a lazy degenerate.

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    The Skull Luke Used To Kill The Rancor Has A Fleshed Out Backstory

    From Redditor u/EliteTroper:

    The skull that Luke used to activate the switch to lower the door to kill Jabba's Rancor actually belonged to a guy who has a full backstory. Short version he basically worked for Jabba and was actually competing with Bib to try and become he his second in command and had managed to gain Jabba's favor after capturing his new pet Rancor. When Jabba gave the two of them the offer of either become the second command or a great offer the guy chose the great offer which ended up being fed to his Rancor. All that was left was his skull which decades later would be used to kill the very thing that ate him. 

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    The Rancor Was Scheduled To Fight A Krayt Dragon After Luke

    From Redditor u/DaGrza:

    The rancor from Jabba’s palace was scheduled to battle a Krayt dragon shortly after his encounter with Luke Skywalker.

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    Jabba Offered Leia As A Prize To Boba Fett For Bringing Him Han

    From a deleted Redditor:

    During her time as a slave in Jabba’s Palace, Leia Organa was offered to Boba Fett. Fett didn’t actually care about sex in any way, so he just let her sleep on his bed.

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