Every Jedi's Most Dark Side Moment, Ranked

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The Jedi are a peacekeeping coalition of warriors who utilize the light side of the Force to serve as a beacon of hope across the galaxy. That being said, that doesn't mean everyone's favorite Jedi haven't been tantalized by the dark side from time to time. To be fair, the dark side gives you carte blanche to run wild with all of your emotions and grants the use of Force lightning, so... wouldn't you be tempted?

Even the greatest Jedi in history have a dark side moment to be ashamed of. Heck, Luke Skywalker has a couple of dark Jedi moments - from that momentary bashing of his father at the end of Return of the Jedi to his really-not-cool momentary thought of murdering his nephew that was shown in The Last Jedi. Luke isn't the only Jedi to struggle with rejecting the dark side. Cere Junda, Mace Windu, and more have all had flirtations with the darker side of the Force throughout Star Wars history. 

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    Cal Kestis Would've Fallen To The Dark Side Had He Continued On His Path In 'Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order'

    2019's Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order somehow managed to merge Dark Souls-like gameplay with a compelling, in-canon story that turned the game into a must-play for both gamers and Star Wars fans alike. At the center of it all is Cal Kestis, a former Jedi Padawan who was able to escape Order 66. After spending years in hiding, he is thrust into action by former Jedi Knight Cere Junda and her search for a hidden list of Force-sensitive children. A noble and worthy cause, yes?

    While on Bogano, Kestis has a vision after opening a Holocron. This vision shows him a future where he uses the list of Force-sensitive children to rebuild a Jedi Academy with him at the helm. The vision goes on to show Kestis surrendering to the Empire to save his Padawans and becoming an Inquisitor in the Imperial Army, complete with a red-bladed lightsaber. In light of this glimpse into the future, Kestis ends up destroying the list to safeguard the children. Because that's just the kind of guy he is.

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  • Anakin Skywalker Cemented His Transformation Into Darth Vader By Slaying The Younglings In The Jedi Temple
    Photo: Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith / 20th Century Fox

    The entire prequel trilogy was about the fall of Anakin Skywalker to the dark side. The theatrical poster makes that pretty clear. We knew it was going to happen. People who hadn't seen a Star Wars film since 1980 knew it was going to happen. Still, to see that doofy little bowl-cutted kid from The Phantom Menace become a Sith Lord was just a bit heartbreaking, even to those who had outgrown the franchise. Any, boy, oh boy, does Anakin go full dark side.

    Anakin Skywalker completed his transformation into Darth Vader when he iconically slaughtered a bunch of Jedi younglings as they tried to hide away in the council chambers when Order 66 was being carried out. Sure, there is a lot of pleading with Padme and Obi-Wan after this moment, but the guy was never going to turn back towards the light after he murdered a bunch of innocent children. There aren't many worse things you can do than that...

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  • Yoda Fought His Own 'Dark Shadow' On The Wellspring Of Life
    Photo: Star Wars: The Clone Wars / Cartoon Network

    For years, Yoda was the fan-favorite elderly, green Jedi who had an odd manner of speaking and trained Luke in the swamps of Dagobah. With the advent of the prequel trilogy, Yoda became the flipping elderly, green Jedi who failed to stop Darth Sidious's coup. For the entire Skywalker Saga, Yoda was the wise, mysterious Jedi Master fans were dying to know more about. When The Clone Wars hit television sets around the globe, diehards finally got more insight into the diminutive alien.

    In a 2014 episode of The Clone Wars, Yoda makes his way to a planet called the Wellspring of Life. This mysterious planet was rumored to be, unsurprisingly, the source of all life in the universe and wasn't marked on any star charts. Yoda only manages to find it thanks to the Force ghost of Qui-Gon Jinn leading him there. While on the planet, Yoda begins a series of tests laid out for him by the Force Priestesses, and the first one has him go toe-to-toe with his own dark side. In the guise of a black smoke monster with red eyes, this materialization of his dark side proves that even the most powerful of Jedi have to deal with the dark side's temptation on a regular basis.

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    Ben Solo Obliterated The Jedi Academy With A Bolt Of Force Lightning

    Destroying an entire building is a pretty Sith thing to do. You know, unless we're counting the Death Star. If the Death Star counts as a "building," then the Rebels have blown up more than their fair share of buildings. Luke Skywalker, about the most famous Jedi there is, basically was solely responsible for blowing up a moon-sized space building. So, maybe destroying an entire building isn't a pretty Sith thing to do?

    Anyway, Ben Solo - AKA Kylo Ren - obliterated the entire Jedi Temple of Luke Skywalker (catchy name) with Force lightning after his uncle thought about killing him there for a hot second. Luke Skywalker thought better of cutting down his nephew in cold blood, but that was all she wrote for Ben Solo. Solo would eventually return to the light side of the Force during the climax of Rise of Skywalker, but it is hard to say he'd ever truly be redeemed after bringing a building down on a bunch of unsuspecting Jedi-in-training.

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    Ezra Bridger Embraced The Dark Side A Bit After Getting His Hands On A Sith Holocron 

    Ezra Bridger Embraced The Dark Side A Bit After Getting His Hands On A Sith Holocron 
    Photo: Star Wars: Rebels / Disney XD

    Young Ezra Bridger was always going to make mistakes. It's not like he was living a peaceful existence under the tutelage of Kanan Jarrus, after all. There was no Jedi Temple for him to study in. Ezra was, essentially, learning on the job. So, when he got his hands on a Sith Holocron in Season 2 of Star Wars: Rebels, did you expect him not to open it? Somebody was going to open that thing and the teenage Rebel was the odds-on favorite. Ezra did end up opening the Holocron as he sought a way to become more powerful to protect his friends and allies.

    A noble cause, for sure, but the adolescent Padawan clearly was not thinking straight. At one point in Star Wars Rebels: Steps Into Shadow, he mind-controls a AT-DP pilot into doing away with his stormtrooper cohorts before forcing the man to take his own life. Does that sound like a Jedi thing to do? No, that is some hardcore Sith action right there, baby. Courtesy of one Ezra Bridger and his dastardly Sith Holocron.

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    Cere Junda Used The Dark Side In A Serious Way Before Cutting Herself From The Force Entirely

    From the moment Cal Kestis had his first heart-to-heart with Cere Junda aboard the Stinger Mantis, it was clear she had something in her past that weighed heavily on her soul. Just what that was would remain a mystery for a bit, but when the harrowing moment was revealed, it made a whole bunch of sense that Junda would keep it close to her chest at all times.

    After being tortured into giving up the location of her Padawan, Suduri, Junda let herself tap into the dark side of the Force. Though the dark side gave her the immense strength to slay everyone in the base where she was being held and tormented (save for Suduri), this moment of weakness became something Cere seriously regretted. In fact, she found herself so ashamed, she cut herself off from the Force completely for years afterward.

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