Fans Are Sharing Obscure 'Star Wars' Lore About Lightsabers

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The lightsaber is one of the coolest fictional weapons of all time and nearly everyone who has seen a Star Wars movie has thought about what it would be like to own one. These are the most interesting lore details about the making of and history of the ancient Jedi weapon.

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    Each Trilogy Had Their Own Approach To Making Lightsaber Props

    From Redditor u/Ceane:

    These changes were also based on how the lightsaber props were made.

    In the original trilogy, the blades were wrapped with reflective material and spun on a motor to give the glow effect. While that worked for them visually, it meant that they were rather delicate and if two fighters hit the blades hard enough they'd fall out.

    When the prequel trilogy came around, CG had developed enough that the glow could just be done in post. They therefore could just use aluminium rods for the blades, where the only problem was them bending if the fighters went too hard. This was fixed by Revenge of the Sith where they swapped to carbon fibre blades, which were light and sturdy.

    Now for the sequels, the blades actually light up so that the actors have a natural glow on them. This contributes to going back to the heavy weight described in the OT, as the actors actually have a heavy blade to swing around and use the momentum of.

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    Ahsoka Got Her White Lightsabers By Healing 'Bled' Kyber Crystals

    From Redditor u/rocker2014:

    Ahsoka's white Crystals are bled Kybers used by former Sith that she used the force to purify. That's cool.

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    Red Lightsabers Come From The Sith 'Bleeding' Their Kyber Crystals

    From Redditor u/rocker2014:

    I find it really interesting about the concept behind the red Kyber Crystals in new canon. That they are regular Kyber Crystals used by former Jedi that the dark side user has to use the force to 'bleed' the crystal. Kylo Ren's crystal which he cracked in the process of bleeding it due to lack of knowledge and patience and that's why his saber looks the way it does.

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    Anakin's Lightsaber Could Change Blade Thickness

    From a former Redditor:

    Anakin's lightsaber has a setting for the blade thickness.

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    Darth Maul Just Fused Two Lightsabers Together To Get His Dual-Bladed Weapon

    From Redditor u/Any-Bridge6953:

    Darth Maul's light saber is actually two fully functional hilts fused together and he used synthetic crystals before that got re-connect.

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    Sith Often Made Their Own Synthetic Lightsaber Crystals

    From Redditor u/malachor78:

    Synthetic crystals that Sith used. Having to make your own crystal from raw material and shape it with your own will is such a cool concept.

    It also fits into that classic Star Wars theme of the natural vs the artificial.

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