Total Nerd Someone Replaced Every Lightsaber Strike In Star Wars With A Michael Jackson Noise & It's Brilliant  

Rebecca High

A classic Star Wars lightsaber duel really can't get much better—except, perhaps, if you replace the audio with Michael Jackson's voice. This video does just that, and it's hilarious.

In this epic duel between Darth Vader and his son Luke Skywalker aboard the second Death Star in Return of the Jedi, the recognizably searing sounds of lightsabers have been supplemented with actual clips of Michael Jackson's voice.

His signature, high-register riffs are all over this, and somehow it plays perfectly alongside the dramatic battle between father and son. You can almost hear Darth Vader growling, "You know I'm bad, I'm bad come on, you know..."

Moonwalk over and watch this fun Star Wars meets MJ mashup.