The Complete Timeline Of Luke Skywalker Between 'A New Hope' And 'The Empire Strikes Back'

Luke Skywalker was pretty busy the three years between the medal ceremony at the end of A New Hope and when we see him riding a tauntaun in The Empire Strikes Back. Thanks to his feats at the Battle of Yavin, he was one of the heroes of the Rebel Alliance, and as such, became one of the most important soldiers in the continued battle against the Empire. 

This list chronicles what Luke did during the period between Episodes IV and V. While it might not seem like it, Luke visited plenty of planets in between the films and even made a trip back to Tatooine to search Ben Kenobi's hut for guidance with his studies of the Force. We only got to see a few of Luke's adventures on the big screen, so take a look and dive into this timeline of everything major he did in between the films!

  • Luke Traveled To Bogano While Looking For A Suitable World To Act As A Rebel Base

    In the aftermath of the Battle of Yavin, Luke was asked to analyze different worlds in search of one that could make a good home for a Rebel base. As he did so, he began to feel drawn to the grassy planet Bogano, which is located in the Outer Rim. Luke then discovered that Leia was already there scouting the world as a potential home for the Rebel base. 

    Leia thought the planet may work well as a base, but Luke disagreed, and sensed a strong Force presence on the planet. A small animal eventually led Luke and Leia to the Bogano Vault - a structure constructed by the Zeffo and the former location of a Jedi holocron that was obtained by Cal Kestis nearly a decade prior - and  to a group of stormtroopers, making it clear that the Empire had a presence on the planet. After dealing with the stormtroopers, Luke and Leia left the planet to continue their search. 

  • Luke Went On A Mission To Rodia To Secure A Secret Weapons Supply Line For The Alliance

    Luke Went On A Mission To Rodia To Secure A Secret Weapons Supply Line For The Alliance
    Photo: Star Wars: The Clone Wars / Lucasfilm

    Admiral Gial Ackbar sent Luke on a mission to Rodia with the goal of using the planet to open a secret supply line for the Rebel Alliance. Rodia was under Imperial control, but Leia suggested that Luke work to form an alliance with the Chekkoo clan, who were resentful of the ruling Chattza clan. 

    After arriving on the planet, Luke blew his cover in a battle with a ghest, and then discovered that the Empire has issued a planet-wide alert for his ship, the Desert Jewel. Before he was able to complete his mission, Luke was forced to return to the Rebel Alliance, but the mission did lead to a crucial piece of intelligence for the Rebels. 


  • Luke And R2-D2 Traveled To Hradreek, Where He Briefly Tapped Into The Dark Side... And Stole A Podracer

    Along with R2-D2, Luke traveled to Hradreek to collect a credit chip. After the mission had been completed, Luke felt a disturbance in the Force and ultimately found a room that featured many fallen bodies and a crossguard lightsaber. After picking up the lightsaber, Luke fought and killed a battalion of stormtroopers, and was disturbed by the feelings of unstoppable rage that coursed through him. 

    After leaving the room, he was ambushed by another battalion and was forced to steal a podracer in order to escape. One of the engines failed (thanks to a scorned Darth Vader watching from a holoviewer), and Luke ultimately destroyed the lightsaber because of the uncontrollable anger and allure of the dark side Luke felt whenever he held it. He was then rescued by an X-wing piloted by R2. 

  • Luke Encountered Darth Vader For The First Time On Cymoon 1

    During a mission to Cymoon 1, which housed the largest Imperial weapons manufacturer in the galaxy, Luke was determined to confront Darth Vader, who had slain both his father and his master. Although Obi-Wan told him to run, Luke ultimately found Vader, and was quickly overpowered by the Sith Lord. 

    Vader would have executed Luke, but noticed at the last second that the lightsaber Luke was wielding used to be his. Han Solo intervened at the last second with an AT-AT, giving Luke and the slaves they had rescued the cover they needed to escape. Vader ultimately overcame the AT-AT, but Luke was able to help his team enough to allow them to escape. 

  • Luke Returned To Tatooine And Encountered Boba Fett In Obi-Wan’s Hut

    Following his failure on Cymoon 1, Luke decided he was a liability to the Rebel Alliance and returned to Tatooine in the hopes of finding some guidance. Luke and Artoo went to Obi-Wan's hut and came across a box addressed Luke, but before they could open it, a flash grenade from Boba Fett blinded Luke. 

    Fett then took aim at Luke's head, but Luke was able to fight him off in spite of his temporary blindness. Luke sustained a number of injuries, and Fett had almost killed him when Artoo hurled Obi-Wan's box at the bounty hunter's head, knocking him out. Artoo then guided Luke to his X-wing and the two took off, escaping Fett. 

  • Luke Began To Read The Journals Of Ben Kenobi And Contextualize His Time As A Jedi Knight and Protector On Tatooine

    The items in the box that Luke found in Obi-Wan's hut turned out to be his journals, which chronicled his life in exile on Tatooine in the years between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. Through the journals, Luke was able to learn a lot more about the man who had been his master. 

    Although the journals were a wonderful chronicle of Obi-Wan's time in the Jedi Order and his years on Tatooine, Luke ultimately found them frustrating because he was unable to find any lessons in them for how to become a better Jedi.