14 Things 'Star Wars' Fans Probably Didn't Know About Mortis And The Ones

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Star Wars is filled with all manner of interesting characters and locations, but Mortis and the beings known as "The Ones," Force gods with incredible powers, are probably the most fascinating in the galaxy. This trio of beings is so connected to the Force itself that they almost defy explanation. Ever since they were first introduced in The Clone Wars, fans have been asking, "What is Mortis in the Star Wars galaxy?" They also want to know why Ahsoka knows the Daughter and Morai. These questions are difficult to answer, which has led to all manner of fan theories and questions about the very nature of the Force

The Father, the Son, and the Daughter are lightning rods for the Force, which makes them central to the nature of how it functions throughout the Star Wars galaxy. The Jedi and the Sith both function outside of Mortis' control, but they are equally tied to it, though many don't even know if it exists or believe it to be a legend. Mortis is directly tied to the Chosen One prophecy, making Anakin's visit to Mortis one of the most important events to take place during the Clone Wars.

Despite Star Wars being one of the most exciting and impressive franchises of all time, there's still a lot the general fan base doesn't know about Mortis and these Force gods. This list takes a look at the lore from as many sources as possible to uncover the things you didn't know about the enigmatic beings from Mortis. Take a gander below, and be sure to vote up the coolest things you learned about Mortis and the Force gods!

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    Mortis Is The Only Place (So Far) Where Qui-Gon Jinn Is Able To Appear As A Full Force Spirit

    The original trilogy made it seem as if any Jedi who perished would "become one with the Force" and become a Force ghost (now called a Force spirit). The Clone Wars revealed that this wasn't the case, as did Revenge of the Sith when Yoda mentions to Obi-Wan Kenobi that he would teach him to commune with his old Master. Before Qui-Gon Jinn's passing, Jedi didn't vanish upon death and become immortal advisers to the living, but he changed that... for a select few.

    Qui-Gon spent years studying this method of immortality, and when he passed, he didn't fully ascend into the Force. Instead, he remained a non-corporeal being capable of communicating with the living. He helped Yoda find the truth, so he could become one with the Force when he passed on. Yoda taught this ability to Obi-Wan, who taught it to Luke Skywalker, who taught it to Ben Solo. Because he never concluded his studies, Qui-Gon couldn't manifest himself to anyone... except on Mortis. This is the only place (so far) where Qui-Gon can become a Force spirit, and that's likely due to the fact that Mortis isn't so much a place as it is a realm within and of the Force.

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    The Mortis Gods Have Been Forgotten By Most Jedi, But A Mural Of Them Guards Their Most Powerful Secret

    The Mortis Gods Have Been Forgotten By Most Jedi, But A Mural Of Them Guards Their Most Powerful Secret
    Photo: Star Wars: Rebels / Disney XD

    By the time of the Galactic Empire, most people who'd ever heard of the Force gods of Mortis were long gone. They faded into obscurity, ultimately becoming legends to most of the people of the galaxy. While they may have been gone by the time Ezra Bridger was learning the ways of the Force, their most powerful secret remained for him to find.

    Ezra learned that the Emperor was looking to enter a portal via the Painting of the Mortis Gods, located in the Lothal Jedi Temple. The painting served as a portal, which Ezra ultimately entered. The portal led to the World Between Worlds, an ethereal realm within the Force that connects all of space and time. Within, he found the final moments of Ahsoka Tano and pulled her from space and time, saving her life.

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    The Father's Connection With The Force Was Unmatched Throughout The Galaxy

    Of all the Force-sensitive people in the Star Wars galaxy, there is no one equal in strength to the beings on Mortis. The Son was shown to be completely unbeatable until the Father's sacrifice, and the only thing that could kill the Daughter was the Dagger of Mortis. The Father's connection to the Force was beyond anything a Jedi or a Sith could hope to attain, which was likely the result of his being within Mortis for eons.

    The Father could stop a lightsaber blade with his hand and teleport to any point at will. When Anakin was told of his future, the Father easily stripped him of his memories of that event. Additionally, the Father, Son, and Daughter could shapeshift and transform. Some of the Father's other abilities demonstrated during the Jedi's visit to Mortis included absorbing Force lightning, using a Force push far more powerful than any seen in the franchise, and growing wings from his back and flying.

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    Mortis Is A Conduit For The Entirety Of The Force

    Mortis is unlike anywhere else in the universe, and it doesn't abide by the laws of physics or anything else that governs space and time in the Star Wars universe. In a sense, Mortis is a literal realm of the Force, and its environs are more ethereal than real, making them appear dreamlike to anyone who observes them. Mortis represents the Force through a balanced duality, where the day is peaceful and the night is treacherous.

    Mortis only had three residents: the Father, the Son, and the Daughter. Each represented a different aspect of the Force, and they aligned with the light side (the Daughter), the dark side (the Son), and the balance between the two (the Father). All three lived in harmony while the balance of the Force was maintained. This made Mortis function as a fulcrum for the galaxy. Essentially, Mortis stood as a powerful conduit through which the Force flowed out to the galaxy.

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    Anakin Brought Balance To Mortis… At A Price

    When Anakin arrived on Mortis, the Father subjected him to a trial to learn if he truly was the Chosen One. Anakin managed to subdue the Son and the Daughter, bringing balance to the Force and proving that he was the prophesied being who would bring balance to the Force. Through the course of events that followed, the Son killed the Daughter, leaving no representation of the light side of the Force.

    This endangered the entire universe because, without balance, chaos would rule. Knowing this, the Father tried to keep the Son from influencing Anakin, but he failed. Anakin came to believe the Son's words, and he sought to tap into the dark side of the Force so he could help prevent the forthcoming Great Jedi Purge and the rise of the Galactic Empire.

    The Jedi and the Father couldn't beat the Son, whose power had grown exponentially, so the Father made a choice. He chose to sacrifice himself, stripping the Son of his Force powers. This made it possible for the Son to perish at the end of Anakin's lightsaber. With all three beings gone, Anakin truly brought balance back into the Force, but the Father warned him not to succumb to his baser instincts.

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    The Father's Sacrifice Rendered The Son Vulnerable

    While the Father was able to maintain the balance between the Son and the Daughter, the demise of the latter tipped the scales. The Father was immeasurably powerful, but by the time the Jedi found Mortis during the Clone Wars, his power had waned. As a result, when the Daughter died, the Son became the most powerful Force-wielder in the universe, in and out of Mortis.

    There was no way to defeat him, and neither the Jedi, the Father, nor their combined might was enough to bring him down. The only way to even the odds was for the Father to sacrifice himself. Doing so stripped the Son of his powers, rendering him vulnerable. Had he not done this, the Son would have corrupted the Force throughout the universe, plunging it into chaos and darkness.