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The Best One-Liners in the Star Wars Films

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List RulesOne-liners and clever lines from any of the Star Wars films (Episodes I-VI, so far). Upvote the most memorable and iconic.

The Star Wars films shaped the imaginations of a million nerds, and really just about anyone who has seen a movie since 1977. While the formative and influential sci-fi series is mostly remembered for introducing the world to the concept of “The Force” and the unquenchable desire to own a lightsaber, the most unsung aspects of the series are the numerous priceless one liners that are thrown at speeds fast enough to make the Kessel Run in under twelve parsecs. Everyone has their favorite quote, one-liner and Star Wars jokes from the series, so it's high time someone put together a list of the best one-liners in the Star Wars films. You're welcome!

After looking through this list of the most famous Star Wars one liners, you might start to notice a few trends. Han Solo and Princess Leia are by far the quippiest of the characters in the Star Wars universe (duh), and A New Hope is by far the most quotable of the original trilogy. Who knows what kind of one liners Grand Moff Tarkin would have fired off if he had survived until Empire Strikes Bac?. Aside from those facts, the one glaring piece of information is that the prequel trilogy is so lacking of memorable quotes that it was hard to find any quotes from those three films to even bother including. Hopefully the new Star Wars films won’t disappoint when it comes to memorable lines (among other things) and many excellent lines of dialogue from Episodes VII-IX can be added to this list of the most memorable Star Wars quotes, quips, jokes, and one-liners.

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