20 Unpopular 'Star Wars' Opinions That Came Straight From The Dark Side

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The force is strong with these 'Star Wars' hot takes; but are they on the light or dark side? 

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    'You Can Feel His Pure Overwhelming Rage'

    From Letterboxd u/legitimateghost:

    when luke finally releases all his anger on vader and the music swells as you can feel his pure overwhelming rage in the excellent performance and then it cuts back to han giving his worst performance f***ing around with ewoks

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    'I'd Be Like What!'

    From Letterboxd u/elkell:

    Imagine finding out this bad guy is your dad and then he chops off your arm and then you get to go down a fun little slide? What a whirlwind! I’d be like what!

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    'Darth Vader Breathes So F***ing Loud'

    From Letterboxd u/kchang:

    Didn’t want to watch it, but had to for class. Dude Darth Vader breathes SO F***ING LOUD, but somehow is completely silent when he’s full on fighting people. Can someone please explain?!?

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    'Luke I Am Your Father Haha'

    From Letterboxd u/LukeL78:

    Half a star just because every other time I introduce myself people have to be like “Luke I am your father haha” and it’s all this movie’s fault.

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    'The Prequels Were Better Than The Sequels'

    From Letterboxd u/dc_fan_1283616:

    I mean, theyre ok. The prequels are better than the sequels. The CGI is much better and the story is improved as well. Also these contain a romantic relationship between the MAIN CHARACTER and his SISTER!!!!!!!!

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    'He's The Younger Brother That Who Cried Enough To Be Brought Along For The Adventure'

    From Letterboxd u/adammalone10:

    For a while I couldn’t decide whether my expectations were too high for Star Wars or if it’s in fact just not a good movie. By a while, I mean 20 minutes into it. I get that George Lucas wanted to create worlds and really set the scene but we’re never given reason to care about them. Hans Solo and Princess Leia completely steal the show, so much so that Luke almost feels like he’s there because he’s the younger brother who cried enough to be brought along for the adventure. If you can’t tell I’m not a fan of Star Wars.

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