All The Opening Battle Scenes From Star Wars Movies, Ranked

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As a film franchise with the word "wars" in the title, Star Wars naturally revolves around some scale of conflict, and opening battles in Star Wars help to set the scene in a galaxy far, far away. The best battle scenes in Star Wars range from grand-scale confrontations between space fleets to intimate but high-stakes matches between two light saber-wielding foes. Depending on their scale and level of conflict, Star Wars opening battle scenes help provide the tone for a given episode. Like lightsaber duels, no Star Wars opening battle sequence follows the same trajectory. Naturally, a film such as The Last Jedi, the last to feature characters like Leia Organa, requires much more gravitas and drama than a filler episode like Attack of the Clones.

Because of this, certain Star Wars opening sequences feel much more compelling than others, and it's up to you to settle the score. It comes down to whether you prefer a low-key opening sequence or an epic fight in the depths of space. Unlike the general consensus on Jar-Jar Binks, the best Star Wars opening battle is not as easy to select.