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10 Fan Theories That Prove The 'Star Wars' Prequels Deserve Way More Credit

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The Star Wars prequel trilogy have a pretty rocky reputation among fans – some love them flaws and all, and others think they nearly ruined the franchise. For those who might not look fondly on the prequels, there are a number of fan theories collected below that actually make Episode I-III a lot more interesting.

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    Palpatine Would Have Won Whether Or Not Mace Windu Killed Him

    From Redditor u/driku12:

    This theory is also tied a bit to The Rise of Skywalker. Being that the abbreviation for Revenge of the Sith (RotS) and The Rise of Skywalker (TRoS) are so similar, I will refer to them as Ep 3 and Ep 9 for simplicity.

    So, in Ep 9 we learn that Palpatine's death fetish throughout the Star Wars movies is because if someone strikes him down in anger he will take over their body, and this is the means through which the Sith transfer their power, implying that Palpatine and all the Sith before him are, in a way, the same guy, or at least the knowledge and ability of those guys exponentially builds on themselves.

    In Episode 9, when Rey came before him, he wanted her to do it. Before that, when it looked like Rey wouldn't turn, he had Kylo as a backup. Before that, he engineered the Death Star II situation to try to have Luke do it, and before Darth Vader got burned up in a volcano he was probably planning on having him do it too, but being stuck in a 100 year old body is better than being stuck in a 40 year old crippled body I guess.

    This explains why, throughout all the movies, Palpatine, despite being in several situations where he could very well be killed, never displays any actual fear at the idea, and even seems to enjoy the prospect. It isn't some weird love of seeing the next generation partake in hatred by striking him down, it's looking forward to inhabiting a new, younger, more powerful body. He wins no matter what, this is all a game to him, of course he is laughing like a maniac. Rey brings the saber back to strike him down, he closes his eyes in euphoria. Kylo points his saber inches from his face, no reaction. Luke swings to kill him, he laughs. In the movies, there is only one exception:

    When Palpatine is cornered on the windowsil of his office by Mace Windu while Anakin looks on, he seems pretty terrified. Windu raises his lightsaber and he's all "No, please, don't!" and whatever, but I always took it as a ploy. Anakin was clearly conflicted, and Palpatine was playing the part of a nice old man to make Anakin have pity on him, though I do believe that Mace won the previous duel fair and square. Palpatine was just playing up the ending.

    Palpatine, though, I doubt was stupid enough to enter into a duel with a Jedi master who even had the possibility of defeating him in any way that would actually matter. You don't execute a gigantic galactic conspiracy like he did by taking stupid risks. That is, of course, assuming that Mace really even COULD defeat Palpatine at all in any meaningful way.

    Meesa propose that Palpatine positioned himself so that, by that point, the Jedi were in a no-win scenario. Knowing what we do now about Palpatine's essence transfer, whether his acting worked on Anakin was irrelevant. Palpatine had two incredibly powerful Jedi before him who were both tainted by the Dark Side, one of which wanted to kill him then and there, the other of which might become his apprentice and strike him down later. Either way, Palpatine gets a new, more powerful body by one of them, sooner or later, striking him down in hatred. As a matter of fact, had Anakin not cut off Mace's hand, Palpatine probably would have won entirely, eventually getting Anakin to be his apprentice anyway and using his younger, more powerful Mace Windu body to kill Yoda, meaning that even if Obi-Wan successfully scarred Vader, making his body not usable by Palpatine, Luke would have less guidance in the future, would probably be turned to the Dark Side, and become Palps's next vessel.

    Tl;dr: We learn in Episode 9 that Palpatine can take over someone's body if they strike him down in hatred. This means that in Episode 3, when Mace Windu goes to fight Palpatine and seemingly only loses because Anakin betrays him, Palpatine had actually already won by the time Mace walked in the door. Even if Anakin didn't betray Mace and become Darth Vader, Palpatine would have just taken over Mace's body and would have continued on, probably more powerful. Palpatine just had to act like he was terrified of Mace to solidify the illusion that either of them could actually beat him in any meaningful manner.

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    From Redditor u/Mr_Billo:

    What do we know about Midichlorians?

    Midichlorians are microscopic, intelligent lifeforms that live within the cells of all living beings. The Force spoke through the midi-chlorians, allowing certain beings to use the Force if they were sensitive enough to its powers. Midi-chlorian counts, used to determine a being's potential in the Force, could be tested by examining a subject's blood. The highest known midi-chlorian count—over 20,000—belonged to Anakin Skywalker, the Chosen One who was believed to have been conceived by the midi-chlorians

    Therefore, those with more of them are more powerful in the Force. But who did we learn about them from?

    We learned about them first from Qui-Gon and his padawan Obi-Wan, and then in their entirety on Coruscant as Qui-Gon and the Qui-Gang left to deal with the goings on over at the Naboo Ranch. But here's the thing, Qui-Gon's rebellious as all shit. He doesn't jive with the orthodox Jedi ways, and constantly rubs against them when he can. He defies a direct order from the Council just for 'cuz.

    So here's my theory: Midichlorians are just the Jedi Atheist way of explaining the Force, whereas most Jedi think of it as a spiritual entity. Qui-Gon isn't the only one to believe in it, though. That's why Anakin brings it up, because he heard Jedi on the council talk about it.

    So why, when you take a blood sample, do you see these midichlorians? Well saddle up, I'll tell you. Because maybe midichlorians are indeed cells that exist in this galaxy (it's a whole new Galaxy, with cells aplenty that we wouldn't recognize on Earth). And maybe they are more prevalent in Jedi. But maybe they just serve a different purpose. Maybe being Force sensitive brings about side effects to an individuals body like having more midichlorians (which for all we know could just be a larger count of an alternative white blood cell trying to fight off whatever is making the individual's body so different from a non-Force user.)

    It would make sense that QGJ would be a believer of a more scientific approach to the Force, what with him being the rebel without a cause steal-yo-gurl type that we've come to know and love. But as for me and my house, I still wish to hold that the Force is actually a big ol' spiritual thing.

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    Mace Windu Also Wanted To Seize Control Of The Republic

    From Redditor u/ImpulsiveBeetle:

    I was watching Revenge of the Sith and noticed that much like how Palpatine said that the Jedi want to take over, Windu says in order to protect the Republic “the Jedi Council would have to take control of the Senate in order to secure a peaceful transition” when Palpatine is forced out of office. Although Yoda is the “Grandmaster” of the Jedi, Windu has the title of “Master of the Council,” meaning if the council were to take over the Senate, then he would have complete control of the Senate.

    This got me thinking about the possibility that Mace Windu wanted to take control of the Senate, as did Palpatine, in order to take control of the Republic. Only this plan used the Jedi as an overall authority figure in his new age of the Republic.

    The Jedi were already seen as higher authority figures than they have been in the past, as in the clone wars it has been stated multiple times that they used to be peaceful law enforcers, only during the clone wars they became generals. Windu used this new status in the clone wars to help establish the Jedi to a higher authority than they were before.

    His motivation is simple: power, similar to Palpatine. Windu has a purple lightsaber, which is a symbol of use and skill of both the light and the dark side. Often, dark side users are shown to have a lust for power, as it is also one of Palpatine’s motivations in his grand plan.

    He shares many parallels to Palpatine, such as how he studies both the light and dark side. Palpatine parallels this when Anakin finds out he is a Sith Lord and he states “if one is to understand the great mystery, one must study all its aspects,” much like how Mace Windu does.

    Also, earlier in the film after Anakin kills Count Dooku and states how he shouldn’t have because it was not the Jedi way. Palpatine says “He was too dangerous to be kept alive.” Windu repeats this when he is about to kill Palpatine and states “He’s too dangerous to be kept alive.” This presents how he has lost the Jedi way, as even after Anakin reminds him it is not the Jedi way and he must let Palpatine live, he still tries to kill him, only to be stopped by Anakin.

    Windu sees Palpatine as a threat to his plan to take over the Republic and attempts to kill him when he realizes he also has a plan like his, as he becomes more threatened by him when he learns she is a Sith Lord, therefore also having a lust for power. As before, he still had control over the Senate, but Mace Windu never actively did anything against the chancellor aside from just distrusting him. Windu tried to justify killing Palpatine to Anakin by saying “He has control of the Senate and the Courts,” even though earlier it was stated that Windu wanted control of the Senate as well. He wants to kill Palpatine, not to bring balance to the force, but to take out a rival.

    TL;DR - Windu has lost his Jedi ideologies and is motivated by his lust for power granted by the dark side to suggest that he and the council should take control of the Senate, so he can have control of the Republic, and he sees Palpatine as a rival and threat, rather than a force of evil.

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    Werner Herzog's 'Mandalorian' Character Is Actually Sifo-Dyas

    From Redditor u/Our_Warm_Opal:

    "The Client," played by Werner Herzog, is one of the more intriguing characters introduced in The Mandalorian thus far, and while this villain's backstory remains quite a mystery, we are given a number of clues that may open the door for some interesting theories.

    Here I will speculate on one such possibility-- that The Client's secret, hidden identity is actually that of long-lost Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas!

    Before delving into the various reasons this could be true, a quick refresher on the historical importance of the infamous Sifo-Dyas within Star Wars canon:

    First mentioned in Attack of the Clones, Sifo-Dyas was a Jedi Master on the High Council with unique precognitive abilities, who foresaw the Clone War years ahead of time and attempted to convince the Republic to build an army in preparation for the coming conflict that he knew would envelope the galaxy.

    Sifo-Dyas was eventually removed from the Jedi High Council for his persistent views on this matter; nevertheless, he went on to approach the Kaminoan cloners on his own, and single-handedly commissioned the creation of the Clone Army, in secret, under the pretense that he still officially represented the Jedi Council.

      A few years later, some time before the events of The Phantom Menace, Sifo-Dyas disappeared while out on a mission, never to be seen again. Later it is reported that Palpatine and Dooku apparently hired a criminal organization to murder Sifo-Dyas, thereby allowing the Sith to secretly assume control of the Clone Army project in his place.

    You can read the full theory here



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