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15 'Star Wars' Prequel Fan Theories That Are Better Than The Actual Movies

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Practically since A New Hope premiered in 1977, Star Wars fans have been coming up with their own theories to explain what's happening on-screen. Star Wars has always relied on shocking revelations - "I am your father" - so it makes sense that diehard fans would be inspired to find meaning in the smallest details. We're still arguing over whether Han fired first over 40 years later. 

Even the prequels get this treatment. They might be among the most reviled movie trilogies of all time, and some Star Wars fans might prefer to forget them, but plenty of other fans are happy to dissect the prequels and come up with theories about them. 

Like many fan theories, some of these prequel theories are outlandish and not supported by evidence. These are really just fun "what if?" exercises. But some prequel fan theories are so spot-on that they ended up becoming canon in later Star Wars supplementary material. Here are some fan theories about the Star Wars prequels that might just be better than the actual movies.