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It’s a 100% no duh that everyone in the world has an opinion about the the new trailer for Star Wars: Rogue One. Not only is it the first Star Wars film that doesn’t directly deal with the central mythology of Jedi and their daddies, but it fleshes out a huge part of the Star Wars story. Reactions to new Star Wars footage are always all over the place, but some people on social media are just better at being entertaining while they voice their opinions. We’ve rounded up the best Star Wars: Rogue One trailer reactions, and if yours didn’t make the cut, you’ll just have to try harder the next time the trailer for a culturally significant film (i.e. Star Wars: Episode VIII) debuts.

If you didn’t think that people would be mad about the new Star Wars trailer, then you must have just woken up from a decades-long slumber. How do you even know what the Internet is? ANYWAY, most of the world is pumped to see a whole new cast of characters bring the pain to the Empire, and we did our best to put together the most comprehensive collection of funny tweets about the new Star Wars trailer. Prepare to laugh and maybe scream at your monitor a few times while you read these funny Rogue One trailer reactions.

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Bad Boy for Life

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Start Writing Your Rick Grimes Ewok Fan Fic Now

#StarWars #RogueOne #RogueOneAStarWarsStory #WalkingDead #RickGrimes

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And We'll Never Speak of This Again

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Well Said

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