Obscure 'Star Wars' Lore About Ships

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The ships in the Star Wars galaxy function quite differently than other sci-fi series – often more rooted more in fantasy than in science fiction. With innumerable makes and models to choose from, it's led fans to speculate for years on how exactly these ships are made and how they work. Thanks to their obsessive observations, some Star Wars fans have pointed out a number of lore details that are sure to catch the casual viewer's interest. Take a look down below and be sure to vote up the most interesting lore about ships in Star Wars!

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    The Sound Of TIE Fighters Flying Is Actually Just LA Traffic

    From Redditor u/GoldenGraham12:

    A bit late to this, but my favorite fact is that the tie fighter flyover sound is actually the sound of Los Angeles traffic late at night recorded through a long steel tube.

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    Hypermass, The Fuel For Starships, Often Weighs Twice As Much As The Ship It Powers

    From Redditor u/ZonerTr00per:

    Hypermatter - the fuel for most large starships - is unimaginably dense, and many starships carry multiple times their own dry mass in hypermatter fuel. This obviously requires containment, possibly adjusting the mass of the hypermatter itself in certain states.

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    The TIE Phantom Can Travel Through Hyperspace While Cloaked

    From Redditor u/AsteroidMike:

    The TIE Phantom is a ship that can not only cloak itself but travel through hyperspace while cloaked to avoid detection.

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    TIE Fighters Have Ejection Seats

    From Redditor u/ZoneTr00per:

    Contrary to popular belief, TIE Fighters have always had ejection seats. The myth that they do not grew up as a result of their reputation for being utterly expendable (itself something of a myth - they were fast and relatively fragile, but never expendable). In the EU, this is partially explained by having the TIE Fighter's ejection system be unshielded (in comparison to the X-Wing's, which contained a micro-shield generator sufficient to protect the pilot from debris). Thus, many TIE pilots preferred to go down instantly rather than risk a slow death by debris peppering or oxygen starvation.

    Proof of this can be seen in the Hoth asteroid field chase, where the first TIE that collides with an asteroid clearly has a pilot eject from it. For the out-of-universe aspect, the effects staff confirmed that was indeed an ejection seat and they had to work specifically to get that effect working right for the camera.

    You can later see an ejection seat in all its glory in The Force Awakens.

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    A Kitchen Sink Appears Floating From A Ship In The 'Battle Of Coruscant'

    From Redditor u/libertytoast:

    In the opening battle above Coruscant in Episode III, ILM rendered so much debris that someone joked the scene "contained everything but the kitchen sink." So when one of the larger ships takes a hit, a flaming kitchen sink flies out.

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    The Death Star Is Powered By The Same Thing As Lightsabers

    From Redditor u/BluDude24:

    I don't know the extent of your knowledge, but lightsabers and the Death Star are both powered by Kyber crystals.

    I always thought this was interesting. Not only does the Empire destroy all of the Jedi, but they desecrate one of their most respected and holy objects and use them for evil.

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