15 Things 'Star Wars' Fans (Probably) Don't Know About The Sith Inquisitors

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Star Wars: Rebels introduced the fandom to a whole new cast of characters who fought against the Empire in its early days. Characters like Grand Admiral Thrawn and Ezra Bridger kept the audience coming back, week after week. Some of the best characters from the series have to be the group of baddies called the Order of Inquisitors. These powerful Jedi hunters were adepts of the dark side of the Force, and they were the results of Darth Sidious's Project Harvester, which involved the kidnapping of Force-sensitive children.

In Rebels, the Inquisitorius was in full operation as its members tracked down Jedi across the galaxy, hoping to turn them to the dark side. While there were several prominent members of the Order of Inquisitors, there's plenty the series didn't cover in too much depth, leaving much for the many comics published by Marvel in recent years. Their home base near Mustafar, their working "relationship" with Darth Vader, and how they fell in with Emperor Palpatine's plans have all been detailed in and out of Rebels, ensuring there are plenty of things Star Wars fans don't know about the Sith Inquisitors.

That's what this list is all about, as it features some of the most important facts most people don't know about one of Star Wars' greatest villainous groups. Their origin, purpose, place in the grand scope of galactic affairs, and everything else can be found below. Take a look, and if you learn something about the Sith Inquisitors you didn't already know, be sure to give it an upvote to see which item rises to the top!

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    Darth Vader Trained The Inquisitors By Developing An Aggressive Style

    When Anakin Skywalker turned on the Jedi to become Darth Vader, one of the first responsibilities his new master gave him was control over the Inquisitorius. In this capacity, he acted both as their commander and their trainer, and when he first met them, he found their training... lacking. Vader decided that the manner in which they were trained to fight wasn't appropriate for their station - especially where fallen Jedi were concerned.

    He found that the Inquisitors, who were once Jedi, often took a defensive stance regarding combat, and he only wanted them to focus on offense. To accomplish this change, he introduced them to loss by slicing off an arm here, pulling out an eye there, and other grotesque tactics. When he sliced off the Sixth Brother's arm, he quipped, "It's only an arm." When you think about it, Vader lost most of his limbs fighting Obi-Wan Kenobi, so if there was anyone who could teach them about loss and going on the offense, it was Darth Vader.

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    They Were Initially Based On Coruscant Before Moving To One Of Mustafar’s Moon

    When Darth Sidious hatched his plan to kidnap Force-sensitive infants across the galaxy, he knew he had to put them somewhere. He chose the planet Mustafar, the same world that gave "birth" to Darth Vader. It's also where Vader erected his castle, and it wasn't the sort of planet people would stop by for a nice picnic, ensuring it would remain away from the prying eyes of the Republic. Sidious had several facilities constructed on Mustafar, but their proximity to Vader proved problematic.

    A pair of rogue Inquisitors ran afoul of Darth Vader, and they fought him on the streets of Coruscant. They nearly had him after toppling a statue on Vader, but he used the Force to stop them in midair. He then activated their lightsabers, ending them with their own blades. This action angered Palpatine, who didn't appreciate his apprentice's rampage. As a result, he chose to relocate the Inquisitors' base of operations to Mustafar's water moon, Nur.

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    The Grand Inquisitor Was A Former Jedi Temple Guard And Was Present At Ahsoka’s Trial

    The Grand Inquisitor Was A Former Jedi Temple Guard And Was Present At Ahsoka’s Trial
    Photo: Star Wars: The Clone Wars / Lucasfilm

    The most fearsome member of the Inquisitors was the so-called Grand Inquisitor, and while his true name is unknown, some of his history has unfolded in the Darth Vader series from Marvel Comics. He was born on the planet Utapau about 15 years before the events of The Phantom Menace. Sometime during his childhood, he was recruited by the Jedi and was relocated to Coruscant to begin his training.

    The young Jedi came to loathe Jedi Master Jocasta Nu, who watched him closely whenever he went to the Jedi Archives to do research. He progressed through the ranks to become a Jedi Knight, and he was eventually chosen to be a member of the elite Jedi Temple Guard. The Guard was tasked with defending the Jedi Temple on Coruscant and other Temples located throughout the galaxy. He took part in the trial of Ahsoka Tano after she was framed by Barriss Offee. Though he cannot be identified, he was one of the Temple Guards providing security during the trial and Offee's confession.

    Witnessing the trial ultimately pushed the young Jedi to become disaffected with the Jedi Order. He began to question his adherence to the light side of the Force, which made him an ideal candidate for Darth Sidious's plans to create an elite team of Sith acolytes. Over time, he fell to the dark side of the Force and was recruited into the Inquisitorious. As he told Darth "You do know the Emperor personally selected me, Vader? Raised me up, gave me this position. He believes in my abilities."

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    Their Prime Objective Was To Capture Or Turn Jedi, Not Kill Them

    Given their actions in Star Wars: Rebels, it may seem as if the Inquisitors' only desire was to hunt down and kill Jedi, but that wasn't their primary mission. Instead of killing their prey, their main goal was to find and capture any Jedi they could. Their secondary mission was to locate any Force-sensitive children and take them before a surviving Jedi could find and train them.

    The reason the Inquisitors preferred to capture Jedi instead of end them was simple: If they could capture a Jedi, they might be able to turn them to the dark side of the Force. That would go a long way in creating new allies who could help the Inquisitors find more Jedi and turn them, as well. The Inquisitors had a system for turning Jedi, and it involved a great deal of torture. 

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    Some Inquisitors Who Were Former Jedi Struggled To Harness The Dark Side

    Just because a person falls to the dark side of the Force, that doesn't mean they're irredeemable. Just look at what happened to Anakin Skywalker for an example of someone who fell and returned to the side of good. As many who came before (and after) him have discovered, falling to the dark side isn't as simple as flipping a switch. Turning your back on everything you've known your whole life isn't easy, and many of the Inquisitors who were once Jedi had a hard time harnessing the dark side.

    Just because Darth Vader made it look easy doesn't mean most former Jedi had no problem harnessing the dark side of the Force. Another former Jedi who became an Inquisitor after the fall of the Republic was Bil Valen. He became the Sixth Brother, and he had difficulty fully adapting to his new lifestyle. When Darth Vader was first brought on to teach the Inquisitors, he deftly cut off the Sixth Brother's left arm below the elbow. He did this to teach him about loss, and it also helped to further push him to the dark side of the Force.

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    The Inquisitors Led A Special Legion Of Stormtroopers When Hunting Jedi

    On their own, each Inquisitor is a force to be reckoned with. They're incredibly powerful dark side adepts, and they carry double-bladed lightsabers. Most of them were trained directly by Darth Vader, or they were Jedi who turned to the dark side. Still, while one or two Inquisitors can take care of most missions, occasionally, they needed to bring along some backup (or cannon fodder, depending on how you look at it). 

    The Inquisitors utilized a special branch of stormtroopers called Purge Troopers. Like the Inquisitors, the Purge Troopers' primary mission was to hunt down any surviving Jedi, and they were brutal. A detachment of Purge Troopers accompanied Vader, the Sixth Brother, Tenth Brother, and Ninth Sister on their mission to Mon Cala. In the earliest days of the Empire, Purge Troopers were largely made up of clones, but before long, they were replaced with volunteers and/or conscripts. All Purge Troopers adhered to the programming of Order 66 whether they were clones or not.

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