'Star Wars' Fans Share Obscure Lore About The Sith

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A story is only as good as its villain. When it comes to Star Wars the Jedi are interesting in their own right, but it's the mysterious Sith that can often pull in interest. These fans are pointing out the most interesting and obscure lore bits about the ancient Sith and the ones who ruled the Empire.

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    Palpatine Punished One Of The Death Star Architects By Cloning And Killing Him Repeatedly

    From Redditor u/fixxlevy:

    The architect of the Death Star was a chap called Bevel Lemelisk.

    From Redditor u/TLM86:

    Who Palpatine punished by killing him, cloning him, and killing him repeatedly.

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    There Was A Period Of History Where The Sith Actually Ruled Like The Old Republic Jedi

    From Redditor u/FAKADA_JOE:

    In Legends there was a period of 'Dark Age' after the Brotherhood of Darkness, one of the most successful Sith empires, pretty much destroyed the Republic and threw the galaxy into chaos, with Jedi Lords becoming the ruler of small 'feudal' holds around the galaxy trying to hold off the Sith onslaught. This comic arc was meant as a mirror of the fall of the Roman Empire and the ensuing medieval times, complete with a massive downgrade in technology such as most blasters disappearing and being replaced by vibroswords and spears. Space travel still existed but it became worse, with most of the commerce and communication arround the galaxy being deteriorating to pretty much nothing.

    This period lasted a thousand years of widespread conflict between the Jedi and Sith and between several Sith lords, ending in a massive battle in Rusaan. In this massive, planet wide battle, the Sith Lord Skeere Kaan used a superweapon to wipe out all on who stood on the planets surface, including every Sith, except for Darth Bane, and most, but not all, of the Jedi/Republican forces in the galaxy. This allowed the Republic to be reformed, and the peace to remain for the next thousand years.

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    Vader's Castle Was Designed By A Sith Ghost

    From Redditor u/justflycasual:

    Vader’s Castle on Mustafar was designed by an ancient Sith sculptor named Momin who possessed an imperial crew member when he put on his mask and created the schematics.

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    The Jedi And Sith Conflict Began Nearly 26,000 Years Before 'The Phantom Menace'

    From a former Redditor:

    In the EU the ancient wars of Sith and Jedi during how many believed originated Old Republic times actually happened couple of thousand years before Old Republic and first great Sith'ai (technically, by that time Siths as dark side order did not exist, before Ajunta Pall founded it on Korriban (he was exiled after 2nd Great Schism), but there was species called sith purebloods) (Bogan) and Je'daii (Ashla) civil war was called The Force Wars. The outbreak of this war was a group of Jedi's who where obsessed with dark side knowledge, but order banned it and they had to remain unseen in shadows while absorbing such knowledge. 

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    Sith Lightsabers Are Red Because They 'Bleed' The Crystals Inside

    From Redditor u/rocker2014:

    Honestly, I find it really interesting about the concept behind the red Kyber Crystals in new canon. That they are regular Kyber Crystals used by former Jedi that the Dark Side user has to use the force to 'bleed' the crystal. And two really cool different examples of this are Kylo Ren's crystal which he cracked in the process of bleeding it due to lack of knowledge and patience and that's why his saber looks the way it does. And then Ahsoka's white Crystals are bled Kybers used by former Sith that she used the force to purify. That's cool.

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    In 'Legends' The Emperor Had A Son Named Triclops

    From Redditor u/Rexsplosion:

    In Legends, Sheev Palpatine had a son (potentially a Darth Plagueis style force clone) named Triclops, who, as you may have guessed, had three eyes, the third in the back of his head. And who went on to join the New Republic.

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