Which Star Wars Characters Deserve Spinoff Movies?

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Vote up characters who do not yet have a standalone Star Wars film in development, but totally should.

Disney plans to produce Star Wars spin off films every other year, between the core movies in the ongoing saga. With a rabid audience and a large mythology to draw from, Star Wars movies will be hitting a multiplex near you until the sun explodes and destroys us all. Maybe even after that; all that remains of the world as we know it will be cockroaches, Twinkies, and Star Wars movies.

But which Star Wars characters will end up in standalone movies? Who is deserving of these Star Wars spin offs? Should they make films of the classic core characters? We know we're getting a solo Han movie, but maybe Leia too? Should filmmakers explore the backstory of some of the supporting classic characters? How about the very obscure? How did Salacious Crumb end up bro-ing out with Jabba? Maybe Greedo deserves a movie to tell his side of who shot first?

And that's only the original trilogy. The Force Awakens and the prequels are dense with Star Wars spin off potential as well. Just imagine a dashing Poe Dameron adventure or even a Citizen Kane-style epic chronicling Boss Nass's brutal rise to power in Gungan politics. But it's not up to us to decide who's worthy, it up to you! Vote up the characters you most want to see in a spin off film!
Most divisive: General Grievous
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