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The Most Awesome Star Wars/Star Trek Crossover Fan Art

There couldn't possibly be any Star Wars/Star Trek crossover fan art, right? You've got to pick a side - after all, it's the greatest battle in the galaxy and the ultimate in nerd sci-fi controversy! It might even be the real star WAR. Which is better Star Wars or Star Trek? Well, we're not here to decide that decades-old question; we're here to bring those worlds together! There's all kinds of Star Wars Star Trek mashup fan art if you scour the internet hard enough.

This is the magical art in the strange world of Star Wars and Star Trek crossover. This is Star Wars fan art combined with Star Trek fan art for the ultimate science fiction, intergalactic nerdery. A world where a galaxy long, long ago isn't so far, far away. This art allows you to live long and prosper and use the Force at the same time. It takes place in a reality where Han Solo and Captain Kirk can fight over Princess Leia and maybe Spock is a Jedi...

Below you'll find the best Star Trek Star Wars crossover fan art and links to the most talented artists and devoted fans throughout the galaxy. Vote up the most amazing mashups and be sure to live long and use the Force!