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The Coolest Things in the Star Wars: Episode VII Poster

List RulesVote up the parts of the poster that get you the most hyped for the film.

Hello, have you seen the official Star Wars: Episode VII: The Force Awakens poster yet? Probably you have and probably you have looked at each element carefully to consider how it may or may not affect the plot of the long-awaited and anticipated new Star Wars movie. You have probably also noticed that Luke isn't pictured, but that's okay, he's kind of a whiner anyway mirite? Anyway, the task at hand is to rank the elements, ships, characters, and whatever else is in the new Star Wars poster. What about The Force Awakens are you most excited for?

When voting up and down the items on this list, be sure to consider the following: which new Star Wars characters are you most excited to see on screen? Which ships are you most amped to see fly across the theater? Which Star Wars robots are most exciting to you? What, in general, about the official poster for The Force Awakens has you most anxious and ready for December 18?

Carefully analyze the characters in the new Star Wars poster, and other cool things depicted in the latest Star Wars Episode 7 poster, and vote up the stuff that you're most curious and excited about.