The Bizarre (And Often Dark) Implications Of The Star Wars Universe

We all love the heroes of that galaxy far, far away, but should we? The questionable morality of the good guys is just one of many dark implications of the Star Wars universe. The Star Wars galaxy runs rampant with violence perpetrated by the light side just as often as the dark, making the lives of citizens in every solar system a constant nightmare. Speaking of those citizens, can they even read? Illiteracy, space trash, and inbreeding are a few more less-than-desirable realities all too present on their worlds. 

If the Star Wars prequels weren't bad enough on their own, they're responsible for adding a whole bunch of disturbing wrinkles to a universe already swimming with chilling details. It doesn't take a deep look to see just how messed up the Star Wars universe really is. If you need something to pull you back to the light, feel free to check out Star Wars Easter eggs or the zodiac signs of your favorite Star Wars characters.

Photo: Star Wars: Attack of the Clones / Walt Disney Studios

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    Most, If Not All, Droids Possess The Capacity To Feel Pain

    Is there any altruistic explanation for why droids should be created with the capacity to feel pain? The most glaring example of this are the soldier droids that, of all droid-kind, should be the last ones produced with the capacity to feel pain as they were built to have violent demises.

    Beyond that, other types of droids clearly experience pain as well. C-3PO says "Ow" on the numerous occasions he's harmed, and we also see a droid being tortured in Jabba's palace by having its feet scalded with hot irons as it screams. It seems particularly sadistic to program droids to feel pain as, best case scenario, their "lives" come to an end simply being left somewhere to rust. Otherwise, they'll almost always be dismantled in some violent way or another. 

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    Soldier Droids Were Given The Ability To Think, Fear, And Feel Pain

    The Phantom Menace makes perfectly clear that soldier droids both fear for their lives and feel pain when they're sliced to bits with lightsabers. These droids crack jokes, shake in their boots about the Jedi, and emit sounds of pain when they're attacked as some form of comic relief. The larger implication is that while these drones that are essentially cannon fodder, they were also programed to feel any pain inflicted on them and fear their inevitable demise in battle. 

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    Destroying Planets Doesn't Just Imply Mass Murder, But Mass Extinction As Well

    The Star Wars saga is so full of planetary destruction that we've almost become inured to it. It's why The Force Awakens had to up the ante by giving Starkiller Base the ability to destroy multiple planets at once instead of just one. While this mass murder is objectively horrible, it becomes even more amoral when the full scope is considered.

    Not only are all the autonomous individuals of those planets killed, almost every single species is completely wiped from existence with the destruction of each planet. There are millions of species on Earth; any such habitable planet is likely to have a comparable number. With each planet destroyed, the galaxy edges closer to the extinction of billions of different species.

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    Illiteracy Is A Galaxy-Wide Epidemic

    Most citizens of the galaxy are probably functionally illiterate. Even those who can read for their professions, like the pilots and technicians, likely can only read because they went through specific training. The one case of long-form media we see, the ancient Jedi texts, are impossibly old and heavily pictographical. No one texts, no one writes letters, they all just communicate through voice chat and holograms.

    It doesn't seem like there is a news media or journalists, either. In Phantom Menace, the Galactic Senate can't verify the status of the invasion of Naboo because there are no pictures, and no one has written about the very visible invaders surrounding their planet.

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    There Does Not Seem To Be A Free Press Of Any Kind

    Since it's not even clear whether people are literate in the Star Wars universe, it's no surprise that they don't seem to have a free press or any kind of news media. The free press is sometimes referred to as the "Fourth Estate" because it's a veritable necessity to keep a democracy afloat. The reason why governing seems to be such a clusterf*ck in Star Wars, as even their "Republic" seem to run on nothing more than impassioned speeches, may very well be largely due to the lack of an independent news media. The lack of one certainly helps evil emperors and First Orders take over the galaxy so easily.

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    The Republic That Preceded The Empire Had No Idea How Democracy Worked

    In their final battle, Obi-Wan shouts to Anakin that his allegiance is "to democracy." While Obi Wan may have thought that, the Republic that he fought for showed little evidence of understanding how government or democracy works. For example, after Amidala was elected a Galactic Senator, she stepped down after several assassination attempts. When she leaves, she gives Jar Jar Binks, a random unelected citizen, her Galactic Senate seat without any sort of special election. She just says it. Jar Jar then uses that power to give Palpatine his clone army, setting the stage for the Empire to take control.

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