15 Of The Best Fan Theories About 'Star Wars' Villains

One of the best things about the Internet is that anyone can put out a theory about anything much like these fan theories about Star Wars villains. While most of the time this results in some sort of crackpot diatribe nobody can understand other than the person who posts something on sites like Reddit, there are occasions where a theory about something in popular culture actually makes a good amount of sense.

Theories like the narrator at the beginning of Alladin being the Genie in disguise were floated around the Internet for years before Disney finally confirmed it to be true. The theories out there that haven't been confirmed are many, but that doesn't mean they don't have some element of probability in them.

Theories about Star Wars villains have been kicked around online since the beginning of the Internet, and there are more than a few containing some element of plausibility.

Of all the fan theories about Star Wars villains found online, these 15 are the ones that may, in fact, contain a nugget of truth, so find the ones you consider to be the most possible and vote them up to see which one rises to the top!

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    The Separatists' Use Of Droid Armies Was Intentional Sabotage By Palpatine

    Source: Redditor u/HPSpacecraft

    Details: Pretty much everything that happened in the Prequel trilogy did so because of Palpatine. Everything he engineered and manipulated managed to culminate in the Clone Wars, which pitted two armies against one another.

    The Confederacy of Independent Systems put together an army of droids while the Galactic Republic whipped up an army of Clones. The purpose of using droids was to keep the Republic from looking like an invading force that would descend on various worlds and slaughter its fighters.

    Instead, the Clones, which were at least living things, destroyed millions of droids, and they could always build more droids. The theory points out that it was all part of Palpatine's plan to win over control of the Republic.

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    Darth Vader Taunted Luke To Trigger Feelings He Could Zero In On

    Source: Redditor u/wtFM100

    Details: When Luke and Vader get to fighting in front of the Emperor in his throne room aboard the Death Star, Vader taunts Luke. He says things he knows will get a rise out of his son, and he does this for the simple reason of being able to sense his location.

    He isn't able to read Luke's thoughts, but he can read his emotions, as they are more closely tied to one's connection with the Force. He says things like, "Your thoughts betray them too. Especially for... sister." When Luke hears this, he immediately becomes enraged, which tells Vader exactly where he was. Luke runs out of hiding, and because Vader knew where he was coming from, it was then possible for him to block his attacks (at first).

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    The Stormtroopers' Armor Isn't As Useless As It Looks

    Source: Redditor u/Wazula42

    Details: One of the longest-running commentaries about the Star Wars films is the ridiculously inefficient armor the Stormtroopers wear. It's a full-body armor, but a single hit and the Stormtrooper is killed and taken out of the fight. Why bother wearing something so inefficient, you might ask...

    As it happens, and as this theory suggests, the armor is far more effective than it appears. What if the single-shot takedowns weren't killing the men inside the armor, but were instead simply knocking them out? The armor may not be able to deflect a blast, but it can absorb it, leaving the man inside relatively safe and able to recover.

    The theorist further expands on this theory by pointing out that laser blasts in the Star Wars universe typically knock people back and have splash damage. It makes sense that a Stormtrooper's armor is absorbing a ton of energy, and maybe dissipating it across the entire shell, which would leave the man inside relatively unharmed.

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    Sith Mind Tricks Are Real And Count Dooku Used It On Anakin

    Source: Redditor u/OlympusMan

    Details: Everyone knows of the Jedi Mind Trick, which is useful in persuading Stormtroopers and other intellectual lightweights into doing whatever a Jedi desires, but what about a Sith Mind Trick?

    It's never been mentioned in the movies, but this theory aims to establish that while it may not have been mentioned, it was used by Count Dooku on none other than Anakin Skywalker. You'll have to read the theory for more details but it claims that this is what allows Dooku to take Anakin's hand in their lightsaber duel.

    Futhermore, in Attack of the Clones, he uses the power in his fight against the Jedi, and Palpatine used it constantly to keep the entire galaxy unaware of his true nature and intention. Because the Sith have full mastery over their emotions, their Mind Trick is exponentially more powerful than that of the Jedi, and it was used throughout the Prequel trilogy.