14 Things 'Star Wars' Fans Probably Don't Know About Wookiees And Their Home Planet, Kashyyyk

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When we first meet Chewbacca in A New Hope, it's one of the best introductions to the multitude of species that inhabit the Star Wars galaxy. Wookiees like Chewie are enormous and obviously strong, but it's also clear from the second we meet Chewie that he's as smart or smarter than Han Solo. While Chewbacca is by far the most prominent Wookiee in the Star Wars canon, he's far from the only interesting thing about his species, or the planet they call home, Kashyyyk. 

While you can find interesting things about virtually every planet in Star Wars, Kashyyyk may be one of the coolest planets in the galaxy. The Wookiees that live there fiercely adhere to their values and, despite their struggles over the years, they were the founders of Life Day, first seen in the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special. Take a gander down below and be sure to vote up the most interesting things you learned about Wookiees and Kashyyyk. 


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    Wookiees Have Extendable Claws That Can Only Be Used For Climbing, Due To Their Honor Code

    The Wookiees are an exceedingly honorable race, and although they're very formidable creatures, they practice some measure of self-restraint. One way they do that is through their extendable claws, which they only use to climb trees, even though they would make great weapons. Their belief that these claws should only be used to climb trees is called the Wookiee honor code, and it's enforced widely across the population. 

    Chewbacca violated the code by using his claws to take out a First Order trooper in the wake of Han Solo's demise, but he was aware that he was breaking the code in doing so. His rationale was that, because the First Order had no honor, they were not deserving of the protections that the Wookiee honor code might have bestowed on them. 

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    Due To The New Republic’s Inaction, The Liberation Of Kashyyyk Was A Little Unconventional

    Due To The New Republic’s Inaction, The Liberation Of Kashyyyk Was A Little Unconventional
    Photo: Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith / 20th Century Fox

    In the immediate aftermath of the Emperor's defeat, there was a lot going on, which meant that the New Republic didn't have liberating Kashyyyk all that high on its to-do list. As a result, Han and Chewbacca decided to undertake a liberation mission entirely on their own, and the results were as unconventional as you might have expected. 

    Han and Chewie tried to rally some forces, but they were eventually captured, and only Han was able to escape. Months passed by before Han could discover Chewie's location and plan for a rescue mission. After freeing Chewie, Han and Chewie stayed behind on Kashyyyk, where Chewie was being held, in order to plan for an escape. This eventually led to a massive uprising amongst the oppressed Wookiees, who ultimately did much of the work to liberate their planet themselves. Han and Chewie were just the unconventional sparks required to light the fire. 

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    Chewbacca's Bowcaster Breaks With Wookiee Tradition

    Chewbacca's Bowcaster Breaks With Wookiee Tradition
    Photo: Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back / 20th Century Fox

    Bowcasters are carried by almost all Wookiee soldiers, and they are crafted with a mix of off-world technologies and more traditional materials. Due to their pushback, bowcasters can basically only be fired by Wookiees, who are one of the only species strong enough to fire the weapon comfortably. Like most Wookiees, Chewbacca has a bowcaster, but his is slightly atypical. His bowcaster has an automatic cocking system, which makes the weapon easier to fire. 

    Although Chewbacca generally aligns with the traditions of his people, he has made some exceptions, largely for practical reasons related to his own survival after he escaped Kashyyyk during the age of the Empire. 

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    Due To Its Orbit And Axis, Kashyyyk Does Not Experience Seasons

    Due To Its Orbit And Axis, Kashyyyk Does Not Experience Seasons
    Photo: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order / EA

    Depending on how much you know about Earth, you may be aware that because of our planet's tilt, every part of the planet experiences seasons. These seasons become less extreme toward the middle of the planet, but seasons are present everywhere. 

    Kashyyyk, on the other hand, doesn't have seasons because it has no tilt. The planet has a perfectly circular orbit, as well, which means it has no seasons. The weather on Kashyyyk is consistent throughout the year. The planet orbits around a single star in the Mytaranor sector of the Mid Rim, and its climate is apparently quite temperate. 

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    Wookiees Speak Three Separate Languages

    Wookiees Speak Three Separate Languages
    Photo: The Book of Boba Fett / Disney Plus

    Much like humanity, the population of Wookiees is large enough that they speak three separate languages: Shyriiwook, Thykarann, and Xaczik. Those languages certainly have elements in common, but each is unique, and there are some Wookiees who are not versed in all three. 

    Wookiee languages also reflect the culture of the population, which is why Shyriiwook has more than 150 different words for wood, but no word for artist. Wookiees consider the carvings that they make to be practical, and don't place a high value on artistic endeavors. As a result, they have no need for the word in their languages. 

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    The Wilds Of Kashyyyk Are Considered A Dangerous Region

    Although the Wookiees are a highly civilized and intelligent species, there are parts of Kashyyyk that it would be unwise to travel to alone. These regions are called the wilds, an appropriate name considering the fact that they are home to a number of exceedingly dangerous species.

    Those species include wyyyschokk spiders, which are a highly intelligent species that can ensnare their prey by shooting webs at them from a distance. The wilds are also home to a number of carnivorous plants, including the jaw plant, which uses an airborne chemical to lure prey into its broad traps and then snaps its jaw shut, and saavas, which are snake-like plants that enjoy eating meat. 


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