Starbucks Employees Describe Their Creepiest Customers

Starbucks is America's favorite coffee chain, and the customer base is vast. It's unsurprising then that employees often have some of the worst customer experiences. Indeed, there seems to be no shortage of Starbucks horror stories. From coffee addicts with strange custom drink requests, to disgruntled customers with hard-to-spell names, Starbucks has some pretty demanding consumers.

The coffee chain also has its fair share of creepy patrons. Some people just don't respect the baristas' privacy. Customers even stalk Starbucks employees and flash the workers. Other impolite customers seem to enjoy being annoying. 

Hopefully you're not one of those undesirable shoppers.

  • He Followed Baristas Home

    From Redditor /u/Stephxieh:

    "We had one man that started coming just before close. My shift would have to ask him to leave so he would pace outside or walk down the street until we were locking up and then try to follow us home.

    We eventually had some of our police regulars come by every close and sometimes they would either wait for our buses with us or drive us home altogether. Pretty sure that guy isn't even allowed within blocks of that store to this day."

  • He Pleasured Himself At The Drive-Thru Window

    From Redditor /u/Megadeth619:

    "One time a guy came through our drive-thru, and when he got to the window, he pulled his pants down and started jerking off."

  • He Offered Creepy Cab Rides To All The Girls

    From Redditor /u/Mkeltie:

    "We have a regular customer who we call 'creepy cabbie' who used to wait around and offer the girls drives home around closing time but has stopped since this recently got him banned from another store.

    A few months ago I was heading back to my apartment after an evening with friends and couldn't catch a cab (like literally tried to hail about thirty) and decided to start walking. Maybe a block away from where I'd given up the creep pulls over next to me and says, 'Why walk when you can drive?' I just yelled, 'It's ok I'm almost home!' I took sides streets the rest of the way."

  • He Wouldn't Pay Until He Got A Hug

    From Redditor /u/Slippery_when_wet:

    "We had one customer who was about 70ish where I was on POS, and I took his order, but he refused to pay until I gave him a hug over the counter. It was seriously the most awkward five minutes ever while I just stared at him and he did the little finger bend for me to lean over and hug him. Eventually, he was fine just patting my arm. But still WTF?"