Graveyard Shift

An Arizona Man Tried To Sell His $6.5 Million Ranch Because Of What He Claimed Were Alien Attacks

New Mexico may get all of the extra terrestrial glory, but alien sightings in Arizona really take the cake. You may have heard of the Phoenix Lights , a 1997 UFO phenomena witnessed by people from Phoenix to Sonora, Mexico. But the most culturally important extra terrestrial run-ins in the state have likely occurred at Stardust Ranch. This idyllic horse ranch has been the site of alien strikes, abduction attempts, and even interdimensional travel. And now, the property is up for sale. Thanks to John and Joyce Edmonds's alien encounters, the ranch is selling for a reasonable rate; if you’ve got a few million to spare, you could own an important piece of UFO history. It's something that could be pulled straight from the plot of a TV show about aliens .

When a man sells $5 million ranch, you know that his alien encounters have taken a toll. John Edmonds seemed capable of handling the occasional unidentified craft zipping by overhead, but then the aliens tried to take his wife from her bed. Edmonds has had enough – but is he telling the truth?