17 Stars We Totally Overlooked In Our Favorite Kids' Movies



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When you go back as an adult and watch one of the movies you loved as a kid, it's a very different experience. The plots don't hold up, the adult jokes actually make sense, and some of the performers look familiar - but you're not sure why. Then you realize - it's “that guy”! 

Maybe you were too young to realize it at the time, or you just never made the connection, but many actors and actresses still on the scene once appeared in kids' flicks. It's entirely possible the star's role was just so small you never noticed. Heck, maybe you knew it once and simply forgot. Regardless, watching movies from your childhood through an adult lens can catch you by surprise. 

Whether they were at the top of the cast list or hovering in the background as extras, these celebrities make us stand up and take notice when we see them in our favorite kids' movies.