The Best Of The Starter Packs Meme

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Are you sick of your old persona? Did you recently spy someone whose style you want to emulate instead of going back to your old tired threads? Well, if you’re looking to bust out of the confines of whatever stereotype you conform to by adopting a new and slightly more exciting one, then you’ve come to the right place! Here we’ve gathered a collection of starter packs guaranteed to get you going in no time. This is the best of the Starter Packs Meme

Are you sick of being the wimpy guy who always gets pushed around in the hallway? Then perhaps the “tough white guy who tries to start fights” starter pack is for you. Are you so over sitting around, sipping pumpkin lattes and listening to top 40 hits with your basic bitch friends? Then perhaps the “I’m not like other girls” starter pack will help you attract new friends, who also try way too hard not to be like other girls.

Not only do these funny starter pack pictures offer new and exciting ideas for giving your own identity a make-over, they also offer a nice subtle way to point out the flaws of others. For instance, if your dad sometimes hits the hooch a little hard on the weekends, perhaps shoving the “I yell at my wife in public” starter pack his way will be just the hint he needs to get a grip. Got a best friend whose a little too into her boss? Perhaps the “side chick starter pack” will be just the glimpse into the future that she needs to keep it in her panty hose. So get ready to chuckle and let the starter pack shenanigans begin.