The Most Notable Clothing And Fashion Statements Of 2019 

Samantha Dillinger
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When it comes to 2019 fashion statements, the red carpet has not disappointed. Celebrity fashion trends of 2019 are in full swing, bringing both trendy new looks that the world can't wait to try out and literal fashion statements that refuse to be ignored. Here you'll find some of the latest (and loudest) trends that this year's red carpets and runways have yet to churn out. From attention-grabbing celebrity antics to 90s trends that are making a killer comeback, here you'll find some of the best and less fortunate trends alike. 

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Serena Williams' Australian Open Outfit

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Back in 2018, Serena Williams rocked a sleek black catsuit at the French Open that was also designed to help prevent blood clots. But when officials banned the outfit and called in disrespectful to the game, they had no idea what they were in for. In response to the controversy, Serena showed up a week later in fishnets and a tutu at the US Open. The fun continued in early 2019 when she showed up at the Australian Open and whipped off a trench coat to reveal a green romper and fishnets combo. The crowd, of course, went wild with glee. 

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Billy Porter's Gorgeous Black Gown

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Tony Award-winning actor Billy Porter swept down the 2019 Oscars red carpet in a full-skirted black gown by Christian Siriano that nipped in at the waist and had a bodice cut like a tuxedo jacket. The scroll down effect on a screen was wonderful, as Porter's frilled collar and cuffs hint at a touch of style that the rest of the gown fully transcends. Porter told Vogue that one of the reasons for his dramatic look was to "challenge expectations," and encourage male actors to play with their style more.

He also revealed that he's been wanting to wear a ball gown for a long time but never knew when. It was attending Christian Siriano's show at New York Fashion Week that crystallized his vision to have the designer make him a gown to wear while hosting the red carpet pre-show.

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Don Cheadle Wears "Protect Trans Kids" Shirt on SNL


On the February 16, 2019, episode of Saturday Night Live, Don Cheadle introduced the musical guest while wearing a shirt that read "PROTECT TRANS KIDS." Twitter showed support for the Avengers: Infinity War actor, applauding him for using his platform "to acknowledge the humanity of (and the unfair discrimination against) trans kids."

In addition to the shirt, Cheadle wore a ball cap with the insignia for activist group Sleeping Giants, who work to encourage advertisers to drop bigoted programs and outlets. During the sign-off, Cheadle also had a costume change, wearing an oversized Soviet hockey jersey referencing the 45th US president. The next day, Cheadle responded to the messages on Twitter, saying "i awoke to so much support and love!! thank you @nbcsnl for the opportunity to play and pay respect and throw shade in an historic space in an historic time. keep fighting, y'all. evil grows in the dark."


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Bebe Rexha's Gorgeous Grammy Dress

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Bebe Rexha definitely got the last laugh at this year's Grammy Awards after speaking out against unknown fashion designers who had refused to style her due to her size. Not only did she get plenty of support from other celebs like Neyo and Demi Lovato for standing up to the body shamers, but she also ended up stepping out in a stunning Monsoori ensemble on the big night. She later revealed that plenty of other labels like Moschino, Christian Siriano, and Karl Lagerfeld had been shocked by the initial designers' comments and had assured her that they would be honored to dress her. 

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