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All 24 States That Mandate Sex Education And What They Require

Updated 13 Oct 2018 9.0k views24 items

The topic of sex ed in schools is a subject of great debate in America. While some feel such topics should be kept out of the classroom altogether, others feel schools have an obligation to provide students information about their changing bodies during their formative years. States differ greatly when it comes to teaching about topics like sex, reproductive health, contraception, and more. Which states mandate sex education? In the United States, 24 states require sex ed be taught in public schools.

Teen pregnancy and STD rates are topics of great public concern and everyone has a different opinion on how to prevent these things. Some states that require sex education promote abstinence-only approaches, but some feel this kind of curriculum is ineffective and fuels misconceptions about sex. Other states opt to teach students about safer sexual practices to prevent pregnancy and disease, with opponents arguing this could encourage teens to have sex before they're ready. While the topic is uncomfortable for many, anyone invested in our country's education should be informed about what kids are being taught in school. Browse this list for information about curriculum surrounding sexual education in America. 

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