All of the Symbols on the Statue of Liberty, Explained

Like a lot of American monuments in this post-National Treasure world, the Statue of Liberty gets a lot of attention as a possible Freemason “code” full of crazy symbols and hidden meanings. The truth is not that exciting. But it’s still exciting! Statue of Liberty symbols are a real thing, but they’re mostly of the art class variety. The Statue of Liberty torch, for example, is meant to symbolize “Liberty Enlightening the World” (the statue’s actual name, by the way). The Statue of Liberty tablet has a little “goof” in it for typography geeks.

So there might not be any Statue of Liberty codes to speak of, but the history of its construction and the thoughtfulness of its design are pretty fascinating to think about. For example, did you know that Freemasons built the thing? Read on for a Statue of Liberty history lesson and a comprehensive list of all of the symbols “hidden” on Lady Liberty.

Photo: Bmw72 / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY SA 3.0