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Cool Things Carved Into Mountains & Cliffs Around the World

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You probably know about Mount Rushmore, the big granite faces of U.S. presidents in North Dakota, but that is only one of many mountains that have something cool carved into them. From religious figures to entire cities, the world is full of things have been chipped away out of the huge stone walls of cliffs. Some of the landmarks carved into mountains are precise and dramatic, others are old and spectacular, but all are seriously impressive.

Just look at the Lycian tombs in Turkey, for example. The carvings date back to the days of Sparta, when the Greeks and Trojans waged war. Not cool enough? How about an ancient Turkish carved city that is now a modern day hotel? Sounds like just about the best way to learn about history ever.

Some of the monuments carved in mountains look like they're straight out of an Indiana Jones movie. They are truly sights to behold, and you'll get to do just that here. Check out the coolest things carved into cliffs ever.