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The Best Steak Sauce Brands

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A fine steak just needs a touch of salt, a dash of pepper – and a delicious steak sauce, of course. The best steak sauce brands enhance the beef's flavor with a unique blend of herbs and spices. Some top store-bought steak sauce brands are used as marinades, imparting savory notes before the meat touches the grill. Other delicious steak sauces are used for dipping once the beef is cooked. Many of these recipes are closely guarded family secrets, but a few of the greatest steak sauce brands are inspired by classic steakhouse restaurants.

What companies will you find on this list of the best steak sauce brands? A-1 likes to say its sauce is how “steak is done.” Tomatoes, raisin paste, and distilled vinegar are among the ingredients in this popular store-bought steak sauce. Lea & Perrins is another good company that manufactures steak sauce.

Chef Guy Fieri sells his own brand of steak sauces in stores across America. Other great manufacturers featured on this top steak sauce brands list includes McCormick, Texas Roadhouse, and Heinz.

How do you prefer your steaks? Vote your favorite sauces to the top of this list and add any condiments that are missing. And be sure to check out our list of the top bbq sauces if that's more your speed.