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This Woman Takes The Most... Suggestive Food Pics On The Internet

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The following photographs of fruits and veggies might just prompt you to finally go vegetarian. If they do, you'll have newly Instagram-famous Stephanie Sarley to thank for your conversion. She's been consistently compiling a portfolio of erotic food pictures on the image-sharing social media site and the world is taking notice. By using everyday edible items and posing them in ways that are both provocative and feministic, Sarley insists that female sexuality be taken seriously. Already, she's prompting other Instagram food blogs to strive for her level of creativity and innovation.  

The Oakland millennial hasn't had the smoothest transition to social media stardom, though. She's had to navigate the world of cyberbullies, misogynists, and those who'd even steal her art and label it as their own. Ever level-headed, Sarley refused to quietly ingest the abuse and what she perceived as Instagram's lack of regard for her intellectual property and insisted that those who stole her work for profit be held accountable. She continues to make art that blurs the line between food and adult entertainment and won't be stopping any time soon. You decide if her work is socially conscious or just plain hot. 

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    This Strawberry Had A Good Night

    Photo: Stephanie Sarley / Instagram
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    That's A Wrap

    Photo: Stephanie Sarley / Instagram
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    Gouging Grapefruit

    Photo: Stephanie Sarley / Instagram
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    A Slick Peach

    Photo: Stephanie Sarley / Instagram
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