Steph Curry's Best Teammates Throughout His NBA Career

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Who is Steph Curry's best teammate ever? Chef Curry's had a lot of NBA All Star teammates over the course of his long and storied NBA career. Steph Curry's greatest teammates have included NBA champions, longtime journeyman, and the rare rookie here and there. But who is the best Steph Curry teammate of all time? Which of Steph's teammates throughout his entire career do you love?

When it comes to Stephen Curry's best teammates, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green have to be near the top. The trio took the league by storm won three NBA titles together in four year for the Golden State Warriors. Other Stephen Curry teammates like Kevin Durant, Andre Iguodala, and Shawn Livingston were instrumental in winning titles alongside Steph as well. Lest we forget, Steph Curry teammates Andrew Bogut, Monta Ellis, David Lee, and Richard Jefferson, who are among some the best NBA players of all time.

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Most divisive: Dorell Wright