Stephen King's Twitter Drags Trump So Much, It Could Fill A Book

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Yet another person joins the list of celebrities who cannot stand Donald Trump. Everyone's favorite supernatural author, Stephen King, makes no secret of his dislike for the 45th American president. In fact, the well-known writer defames Trump's seemingly frivolous and distasteful existence almost daily. And as it turns out, King's Twitter fingers are just ast prolific as his body of literary work. When the wordsmith slams Trump's mindless gun control mandates or racist immigration policies, everyone on Twitter applauds.

Somehow, King manages to be both poignant and sassy; he gives the US president absolutely no quarter. One might imagine the author of such twisted masterpieces like ItThe Shining, and Misery wouldn't be so knowledgeable about appropriate political practices, but King knows his stuff. Unlike some other celebs' ill-formed opinions, the author's perspectives on current events and injustices are actually relevant. Moreover, even if you choose not to follow Trump politics (for the sake of sanity and general life satisfaction), Stephen King's Twitter account will keep you informed.

You can relax a little knowing that you're not alone in confusion and discontent; King understands. His Twitter expresses everything about Trump's political career that you want to say but can't.

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