The Stephen King Universe: Character Remakes vs. Their Originals

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Vote up the best re-casted Stephen King characters. 

An author as popular and prolific as Stephen King is bound to have not just numerous films and shows adapted from his works, but remakes, sequels, and spinoffs of those original adaptations, too. As a result, plenty of King characters have spiritual doubles running around in the cinematic and TV ether, and we're here to compare some of our favorites. 

Often times, no one can beat these characters' original performances. But in the world of Hollywood, where remakes are inevitable, the least filmmakers can do is find the best replacements possible. That said, vote up the characters who got the most acceptable re-castings, and vote down the ones where there were definitely better choices out there.

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    Richard Straker

    Richard Straker
    Photo: CBS / TNT

    James Mason in Salem's Lot the miniseries (1979) vs. Donald Sutherland in Salem's Lot the miniseries (2004)

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  • Tim Curry in IT the miniseries (1990) vs. Bill Skarsgård in IT (2017)

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    Randall Flagg
    Photo: ABC / CBS

    Jamey Sheridan in The Stand miniseries (1994) vs. Alexander Skarsgård in The Stand miniseries (2020) 

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    Ben Mears

    Ben Mears
    Photo: CBS / TNT

    David Soul in Salem's Lot the miniseries (1979) vs. Rob Lowe in Salem's Lot the miniseries (2004)

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    Sheriff Alan Pangborn

    Michael Rooker in The Dark Half (1993) vs. Ed Harris in Needful Things (1993) vs. Scott Glenn in Castle Rock (2018)

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    British Blue cat in Pet Sematary (1989) vs. Maine Coon crossbreed in Pet Sematary (2019)

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