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Evil Karen Stepmom Tried To Take Her Stepson's House, So He Had Her Evicted On Her Honeymoon

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Stories about evil stepmothers are nothing new. They are a key part to any fairy tale princess origin story. But what happens when it occurs in the real flesh and blood world and not just in a storybook? Or even worse, if the evil stepmother is the worse kind of evil stepmother: a Karen. 

In this twisted tale, Redditor u/YoungSourSwede finds himself in the grasp of a wild Karen after his beloved father passes, but is able to escape her clutches and get sweet, sweet revenge in this story of loss, retribution, and a beloved PS4. 


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  • First, A Little Backstory On How Karen Joined The Family

    "I'm an only son. My mom passed due to ovarian cancer at only 55 years old. It broke my dad's heart. They had been together since college and were the same age, with my dad being a month older.

    I am 22 and about to graduate college with my degree in chemistry when the main events occurred. I went to college on a full ride scholarship. This is important later.

    My dad met my stepmom when she was my mom's nurse at the hospital where she spent her final days. My stepmom 'Grace' played all the right notes to gain my dad's trust. She was empathetic to him, nurturing, comforting after my mom passed."

  • Even In The Beginning, The OP Didn't Trust His Future Stepmother

    "At the time, I was 17 but with enough sense to know that she was just trying to weasel her way into getting my dad's resources, but it was up to my dad if he wanted to be in a relationship with her. I was in my final year of public school and had just won a scholarship to attend college out of the country the following year.

    After a year passed, Grace took the gloves off and went hard after my dad. Grace was only 40 when she and my dad started seeing each other. I didn't like her, but at the same time my dad at least didn't seem so depressed anymore, so I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt.

    In my gut I didn't trust her, though."

  • Sadly, His Father's Health Began To Deteriorate Soon After He Remarried

    "My father was a very successful banker during his career, and amassed quite a portfolio of wealth.

    I'll spare you the details, but after six months of dating, Grace and my father are married.

    But my dad never really got over my mom though, and he was getting weaker and weaker even though he was only 57.

    Since his health was fading he called me to him and asked me point blank, 'Boy, what do you need to set you up in this life?'

    I told him I don't need anything, I'm a man and can take care of myself, but what are you even talking about, dad? You're going to be around for decades yet. I did remind him that he had living sisters with children (my aunts and cousins). I also reminded him that I had a full scholarship to college so don't worry about giving me any cash.

    He [passed] a year later at 59.

    (Note: I of course have seen lots of Hollywood movies, so I considered the conspiracy theory that maybe my dad's nurse wife poisoned him and made him sign over all his money to her, but I really honestly do not think that's what happened. My dad was totally in love with my mom and her death utterly broke him.)"

  • After His Father Passed, The OP Inherited His Family Home While His Stepmother Got His Father's Funds

    "My dad bequeathed his five-bedroom house to me even though I wasn't expecting it and didn't ask for it. He also gave a small endowment to each of his sisters and their children.

    He left about 80% of his money to Grace, which amounted to several hundreds of thousands of dollars. My dad ignored my request and left me several tens of thousands of dollars, which was of course very useful.

    Grace tried to put on a friendly front, but I could tell she was angry as hell that she didn't get my dad's house, too. That belonged to me, and I had the legal papers to prove it. She was especially mad because we live in an extremely upscale and trendy location, and houses are hard to come by and easily sold for massive profit."