Stereotypes That Democrats Are Tired Of Hearing

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Democrats only: vote up the stereotypes, cliches, and generalizations about your party that you're sick of hearing from others.

Are generalizations about Democrats driving you crazy? Why do we always hear Republican politicians talk about smug "liberal elites"? And when did education, science, and facts become things to fear? These days it's rare for Democrats to get together with Republicans and calmly talk politics. Things are heated, yo!

To be honest, a lot of this animosity comes from party clichés. What Republicans think about Democrats seems to be based on stereotypes rather than on actual Democratic policy or ideology. In addition, it seems Republicans want nothing more than to use those harmful stereotypes to divide and destroy us. Republican politicians love to spew wrong stereotypes about Democrats - things like we're lazy, immoral, snobby, out of touch. These negative Democratic party stereotypes are not only wrong, they also make liberals and conservatives sort of hate each other and judge each other even more.

What do Democrats actually believe? We believe that the federal government can and should work to make everyone's lives better. We also care about social issues like the environment and human rights. That doesn't mean we're looking for a handout or that we can't take care of ourselves. Good stuff, right? Maybe that's why so many high profile Republicans switched over and became Democrats

What other inaccurate Democrat stereotypes drive you crazy? Vote up the Democrat stereotypes that are the most inaccurate. Maybe if we call a few of these stereotypes out, we can clear the air and start to have a civil conversation. It's worth a try, right? And if you're ready to reach over to the other side of the aisle, maybe this list of Republican stereotypes will help you understand how you're also judging others.

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    We Want The Government To Take Care Of Us

  • 2
    1,349 votes

    We Want To Take Your Guns Away

  • 3
    1,187 votes

    We Don't Know What It's Like To Work Hard

  • 4
    1,152 votes

    We Don't Support The Troops

  • 5
    1,110 votes

    We're Snowflakes

  • 6
    1,097 votes

    We're Obsessed With Being Politically Correct