Politics & History Stereotypes That Republicans Are Tired Of Hearing  

Elise Hennigan
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List Rules Republicans only: vote up the stereotypes, cliches, and generalizations about your party that you're sick of hearing from others.

Wrong stereotypes about Republicans run rampant in the United States, so let's all just take a moment to acknowledge some of these and hopefully (for the love of God!) move past them. Some generalizations about Republicans are benign, if wrong - liberals think we must all love guns and have loads of money. Other Republican stereotypes are downright offensive - minorities can't be Republicans, Republicans hate women, and so on. Also wrong! It's time to separate Republican party clichés from our actual, you know, political beliefs. Liberals, if you are going to judge us, please judge us as individuals on the political and social issues that we care about and not on these inaccurate Republican stereotypes.

So what do Republicans believe? We believe in a smaller federal government with less regulations that stall the economy and hold us back from realizing our full potential. What do we not believe? Let's start with the fact that - we do not (necessarily) believe that NASCAR is the only sport worth watching, that higher education is for wussies, and that women don't deserve an equal seat at the table. We're not all racist rednecks. We believe that we all deserve an equal seat at the table. And that maybe government shouldn't even be at the table (or maybe they get a stool pushed back away from the table.)

When you ask liberals what Democrats think of Republicans, they like to point out these dumb Republican party stereotypes to detract from the logic of our actual beliefs. But the tide is turning in America. Many influential people who were once Democrats are now Republicans. And many middle class people are realizing that government can't save them, they have to work hard and save themselves.

Fellow conservatives, vote on this list of stereotypes Republicans are sick of hearing. And while we're in the spirit of getting to know each other, head over to this list of Stereotypes That Democrats Are Tired Of Hearing and see what it's like on the other side of the aisle.

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884 225
We're All A Little Racist

764 210
We Hate Immigrants

699 201
We Didn't Like Obama Because Of His Race (Nevermind His Politics)

607 173
We Are Closed-Minded

739 231
We Don't Want To Help Poor People

743 246
We Only Watch The Fox News Version

620 213
We're Rednecks

681 242
We Don't Support Gay Rights

576 197
We Aren't Well Educated

601 221
We're Evangelical Nut Jobs

539 191
We're Not Compassionate

478 165
We're Just Greedy

468 165
We Think A Women's Place Is At Home In The Kitchen

537 206
We Support Donald Trump

457 168
We Don't *Get* Science

425 154
If We're Women, We Aren't Thinking For Ourselves

475 189
Every Single One Of Us Is Straight And White

470 190
We're Pro-Life Because We Hate Women

459 184
We Don't Have Black Friends

379 156
We've Lost Touch With Our Humanity

452 207
We Don't Believe In Global Warming

378 171
We <3 War. Let's Go To War!

404 191
We Love Country Music

382 187
We'll Give You Our Guns When You Pry Them From Our Cold, Dead Hands

341 162
We Probably Want You To Pray In School

366 198
We Must Be Old

316 166
We've Probably Never Traveled Out Of The Country

337 184
We're Only Republicans Because Our Parents Are

299 180
We Can't Also Be Feminists

310 200
NASCAR Is Our Favorite Thing Ever

265 179
If We're Men, We're Probably Hyper-Masculine

286 207
We Want To Drain The Swamp

242 204
We Would Never Enjoy Broadway Shows